Why just have cake? For my birthday this year I knew I'd be having a few smaller celebrations rather than one big party, so of course I needed a few options for dessert. And since I have been gathering ideas lately for my wedding Pinterest board, I've been reminded how much I love macaron towers. They are just so beautiful and I actually found a DIY post to make one at home. So I decided I'd try my hand at it and it's fairly simple to do. The only issue I ran into was keeping the macarons in line. They are quite delicate to work with so you need to be really careful using them and making sure they aren't too soft. The only thing I did differently from this recipe, was I started from the top instead of the bottom of the tower, so my bottom edge didn't look as smooth as it could have. If you're planning to recreate this, I highly recommend following the instructions and starting from the bottom. To account for some of the macarons being unevenly placed, I added little flowers in the open spaces to cover them and also because it looked so pretty. I used small pink carnations by pinning them in with a toothpick, just like this recipe instructs for the macarons. I'd have some backup macarons, flowers or strawberries to fill in any gaps at the end, like I did with the mini carnations. I've also seen some really pretty chocolate covered strawberry towers that would be fun to make too. It's a perfect little dessert to have at a party because it's just so pretty. Since it was my birthday I added some fun number sparklers and regular sparklers. I've always had difficulty lighting them but it's a piece cake when Arthur uses his chef's torch, which he originally bought to make me crème brûlée on one of our first dates. Otherwise, I'd recommend using a long multi-purpose lighter and avoid windy areas as much as possible. The only other thing to note is that macarons can melt so make sure to keep the tower somewhere cool so they don't slide off! Otherwise, have a fabulous time. 


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