Having my cake, eating and drinking it too? This year I had a small lunch with some friends before another party to celebrate turning 29 years old. As you may already know I have been drinking brut rosé a lot more in place of wine or a cocktail because it's delicious and basically has no sugar in comparison to other wines and most champagne or other sparkling wine varieties. It's also doesn't hurt that it's a perfect shade of pink. So when I found out the restaurant that I was having my birthday lunch at didn't have my favorite Veuve Clicquot Brut Rosé on the wine list, I decided to just bring my own and pay the corkage fee. I haven't really done that before but most restaurants are totally fine with it as long as you bring something substantial and that is not on their menu. I'd always recommend calling ahead and letting them know what you are looking for and what the corkage fee is before bringing something. Since I was bringing the champs, I figured I would make it into a bit of a theme. I love having little place cards at the table people can take home so I figured I'd make them into a cookie. I found an amazing baker, Lauren Lowstan of A Sweet Savory, who had recently done some adorable cookies for my friend Brooke, and she brought my idea to life. She replicated the brut rosé bottles into these super cute and delicious sugar cookies and wrote all my friends' names on each one. It was a great little compliment to our sushi lunch and an easy take home goodie too. And as for the cake, I once again needed my usual marble cake from SusieCakes, with the Susie pink frosting and a Drake lyric. Obviously I had to choose the 24 hour champagne diet quote. Can you blame me? I added the roses and carnations myself by using a toothpick to hold up the flowers and stick upward into the top of cake. Enjoy!


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