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My favorite season and therefore also the inspiration for the majority of everything I love. Anything that gives an idea of summer is what I try to surround myself with all year round. I love the blue tones and bright splashes of color people wear on the beach and I try to decorate and dress that way as much as possible. Some stand outs this year is definitely everything Rebecca de Ravenel creates. I was desperately sad to learn her sea shell monogrammed straw basket was not only backordered until September, but also now sold out! I hope they come back soon but in the meantime this sea shell basket stands out on it's own, excuding the perfect amount of balmy beach vacation vibes we need even if we aren't on the water all summer long. I also just got these beautiful barstools in my apartment and have never been more obsessed! It's my favorite place to sit while Arthur cooks and reminds me of the South of France, despite the fact I'm in Santa Monica. Hope you enjoy my picks for the season and it's started off well for you. Enjoy! 


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