1. Find a good ice cream alternative, perhaps one that my fiancé can make for me. I am always on the hunt for something healthier, without dairy or soy milk, that tastes delicious. So far my favorite find has been Pressed Juicery Freeze which is delicious but limited in the amount of flavors and locations where you can get it. The best store bought alternative I have found is the cashew milk snickerdoodle flavor from So Delicious. But aside from buying, I am hoping to try some recipes that Arthur can make me at home. If you have any ideas, send them my way!

2. Outdoor concerts at the Hollywood Bowl, this is one of my favorite things to do in the summer, pack a little picnic and bring it to the Hollywood Bowl, which is a wonderful venue in Los Angeles to hear music outside. I love that you can bring your own wine and be outside under the stars. I recently purchased season tickets as a gift for Arthur and can't wait to start going regularly. If you live in Los Angeles and haven't been I highly recommend going  during the summer season! 

3. Weekly beach picnics, which, as you know I happen to love (see here and here).  Since we live so close to the ocean I figured it just makes sense to go at least once a week with some snacks and a blanket. These will likely be a tad more casual then before but then again, I just can’t help myself so hopefully more Pinterest worthy moments to come!!

4. Hikes, hikes, hikes, I used to go all the time and for some reason, perhaps after the invention of SoulCycle, I stopped going on a regular basis and then at all. It's such a wonderful thing to do- to be outside, in a beautiful place, while also being active. It also helped clear my mind and felt very therapeutic and freeing. I've obviously taken it for granted over the years and I am hoping to change that this summer!

5. Read as many books as possible, which has always been an ongoing goal in the back of my mind all year round but summer is a good reason to try again. Reading is great for so many reasons but perhaps the best benefit for me is the opportunity to delve completely into another world and experience. Taking myself out of the present and into a good story is just so helpful for my own creativity, curiosity and sanity! It helps me question the world beyond what I know now and despite the many other story formats like movies, articles, television, podcasts, I just don't think anything compares to the vehicle of a well written story. Recommendations welcome!



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