Birthday celebrations are always so fun but I must be honest when I say that finding a good gift is tough for a number of reasons. A lot of my friends live far away and I am not always eager to spend time at the store or drop a ton of money on a gift I'm not so sure they will like and then ship it all the way to Chicago. Even for local friends I'm often the one signing the card in the car, late to dinner after circling for parking for 20 minutes to avoid the valet. And while I love a nice card, $6 can often feel like highway robbery. So one of my favorite go-to gift ideas for birthdays is sending a custom made Greetabl, which you can design and ship directly from their site. My friend Adele's birthday just recently came around so I decided to send her one too. It was a very simple process to create and send online and is perfect for anything from a birthday to a nice little random act of kindness. This would have been perfect while I was in college Mom, just saying in case you read this, no hard feelings though I love you and I'm sure you look thin right now. You just pick a box design, pick a gift or two, upload cute pictures from your device or Instagram and write a personalized message. For Adele I had to chose the cute cake, cake, cake print, filled it with the rose face mask, and added the celebration confetti for a little extra birthday fun. I always love getting people something kitsch or that they are unlikely to buy themselves but still want. After I hit send a little box of happiness was delivered straight to her door and it was the perfect thing to make her day! I hope I get sent one too at some point, in case your reading friends, I'm always down for the champagne gummies, hint hint. Anyway, It's the simplest gift idea I've come across so far and how cute is this packaging?!!! Here's the one I created as a reference below, hope you find the process fun too! Enjoy! (p.s. scroll all the way down for an amazing offer and to see my awful attempt at a confetti throw pic; can't say I didn't try ahhh). 


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*This post was sponsored by Greetabl. 

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