{dress sold out in almost every size unfortunately}

Under the Mexican sun... one of the things I love about vacation is exploring new places but this one was straight relaxation, with the addition of many margaritas and quesadillas. My fiancé (omg did I just say that?!) and I went to Cabo for a friend's wedding and it was quite the time spent poolside, reapplying multiple layers of 50 SPF and wearing lots of ruffles. I just can't stop the ruffle train, I think almost every outfit had at least one and I will continue to keep wearing them the rest of life! Packing for Mexico may seem like a no brainier but I threw together a list anyway and also in anticipation of summer. The most important thing to pack for me is super strong sunscreen (I used this one and was burn free), a big hat to cover my face and an easy beach read. The rest is just pretty! Enjoy!

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