It's March and I must admit, the months between the holidays and May have never been my best. Nothing terrible has happened during that time, it's just nothing too special has ever happened and I have noticed over the years that it's the time when I am not as creative, excited or motivated. So I am not really sure what I am going to do about it just yet but here I am, writing down the things that excite me right now. Enjoy!

1. My reality television obsession, continues with the new trailers and premiere dates for the two Bravo shows I love most, The Real Housewives of New York City and Southern Charm. I just love the RHONY women so much because at least for me, I find them to be the most relatable out of all the women in the franchise, apart my my favorite Heather Dubrow. Bethany is a no-brainier, Carole has lived such a cool and interesting life, Tinsley has great style and I love how southern she is, Luann and Sonia are so self-deprecating, Dorinda is someone I'd love to host me for a weekend and I just can't stay mad at Ramona for long enough! As for Southern Charm I love seeing picturesque Charleston, all the pastel outfits and day drinking. But let's be real, this is Patricia Altschul's world and I'd be more than happy to live right in it! Her house was designed by Mario Buatta and is stunning!!! Is it too late for her to adopt me?? Sorry mom! 

2. Saying "No", this article comes in at the perfect time for us all, another reminder that women are dealing with inequity in many spaces, particularly the workplace, and this amazing article makes the case for saying "no" more often. The idea being that girls and women are often socialized to be agreeable, cause little problems, always help when needed. While these are qualities I appreciate and find positive for myself and others, it also seems to send a message that we aren't as able to set boundaries, advocate for ourselves, or as I like love to say, push back. This is not just something I find in the workplace (aka not pushing for raise, saying no to doing the job of two people, working extra without extra compensation, etc) but reading it really reminded me of the article about Aziz Ansari, which I know was not an incident of rape, but rather another example of how women tend be taught to play coy and polite, and be gate keepers in sexual relationships, while men are praised for their persistence and assertiveness. It's like in princess movies where I don't even remember hearing a proposal. I feel it's these small but important shifts we need to make to really create equality so girls of the next generation are comfortable and confident in expressing themselves, especially when setting boundaries or pushing back against something they aren't 100% okay with. 

3. New restaurants opening in Los Angeles, particularly in Brentwood we have pasta and pizza extraordinaire John and Vinny's coming, as well as the very instagrammable Alfred's Tea. Additionally, I just got word that Mansur Gavriel opened an adorable store on Melrose Place, with a super chic little coffee spot called Cafe Flora, with a beautiful blue cursive logo. More spots that I am excited to try are all the dining options (especially the rooftop) at the new NoMad Hotel in DTLA, the pre-fix tasting menu at Dialogue, Inko Nito and a cool Israeli spot Jaffa. My supperclub has a lot of work ahead of us!!!

4. Study, study, study. I am in full on study mode for my LCSW exam and going to have to really dedicate all my extra time to that! I am admittedly not a natural test taker and really have to get myself to focus hard on the task at hand when sitting for exams! It's so hard to stay on track but I will make sure to write a post when this is all done about what was helpful. Until then, I will be frequenting every coffee shop on my list. Please send good vibes my way!! 

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