Trench coats, pastels, lattes, macarons, rainy afternoons, wellies, florals, embellishments, pink, violet, mint, rain boots, umbrellas, skirts, grey skies, long walks, warm afternoons, fresh flowers, melting snow, bike rides, drizzle - all the many things I love about Spring. It's also another chance to yet again, feel a bit rejuvenated with work, friendships, style and purge! I love cleaning out all the stuff I've held onto and even though I tend to do this fairly regularly this is a perfect time to take it to whole other level. Spring is also of course known for pretty flowers and of course, mine and everyone's favorite, peonies back in season. I wish I was on the east coast to see the best peonies, did you know some of them can grow as big as a human head? And last but not least, Spring gives everyone another chance, some seasonal happiness with the increasingly better weather and for me most importantly, means we are one month closer to my favorite season of all, summer. And if you are still dealing with mounds of snow, let these images be a sign of hope for better days ahead! Enjoy. 

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