UNWIND: I am heading to Pasadena to see my family and spend a nice chunk of time just relaxing and catching up. I love driving to Pasadena because for some reason it really feels like going home. Aside from having family that live there, it also reminds me a lot of Chicago and I tend to forget I am in Los Angeles when I am there. Anyone else from the Midwest or East Coast feel that way? CELEBRATE: Passover starts tonight and my talented boyfriend makes a delicious matzo pizza that is not exactly traditional Passover food but pizza is my favorite food group.  And Happy Easter to those celebrating! SEE: I am eager to watch The Assassination of Giannini Versace: American Crime Story, see Thoroughbreds, Love Simon, and Madame when my MoviePass arrives and choose a new book to read on my upcoming vacation to Cabo. Any suggestions welcome! EAT: A new spot I am determined to try is Night + Market Sahm which opened fairly recently I believe in Venice and comes after the very popular Night + Market Song in West Hollywood and Silverlake It's a yummy, simple Thai spot that I have heard amazing things about. I LOVE Thai food and will just have to report back in my next Supperclub post. I am also tad obsessed with the new juice spot that opened in Brentwood, Joe and the Juice, not because I am that enthused to spend $8 on a juice or that I am that into juicing but probably because the location is so great next to Alfred's and with lots of great outdoor seating. Also, it took forever to open so there's the hype! I have already gone twice and ordered the ginger shot to save me from a terrible cold, but I am curious to try the acai bowl and sandwiches they have too. I am also just grateful for another good spot to lounge with my girlfriends in the neighborhood, as there aren't many options in Brentwood! 

Have an awesome weekend, 


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