{ wearing a BASK toweling blazer at the Beverly Hills Hotel }

As you may know, I am in full on study mode right now preparing for my licensing exam. Is it just me or does studying make people more creative? I find that when I am bored or forced to pay attention to something of little interest my mind tends to wonder into all sorts of arenas, most of which tend to involve a pool and a margarita. While studying at home has been cozy with all this LA rain and cool-ish temps, I can't help thinking I would be better off changing up the location, perhaps I'd understand clinical theories more over a vanilla latte and some hash browns in a fluffy robe in the basement of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Just saying. All of the staycations I have done in Los Angeles including The Beverly Hills Hotel, The SLS, and The Luxe Sunset, have all been very refreshing and worth it to me to explore a new area or just get the same feeling of traveling without having to actually travel. It's a great thing to do with friends or a significant other, someone please propose something now before I go crazy! Enjoy. 

Classic old school Beverly Hills 

For the full sunset strip experience

For the socialite who wants to "get away" but still be 'scene'

For Hollywood Royalty 

A little secret hideaway close to the beach

6. NoMad
For the hip, young 'wish I wish in NYC' crowd 

For the East Coast lovers who still choose year round sunshine 

When you want to escape but don't want to get on a plane

For a local 'girls night out' that will feel like Vegas but thank God it's not

For a romantic getaway, without the traffic


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