When you're so over the cold and the first sign of Springtime comes, it's quite exciting - well at least that's what I used to think when I lived in a place with seasons. But the feeling is still there for me, despite LA's steady temps of 75-ish degrees pretty much all year round. The pastels, the wake up from the post holiday slug, the pretty new blooms (that does actually happen in Los Angeles) all tend to help me feel a little revived and really just more excited for summer. I remember this time well in Chicago growing up, when the pretty white snow turned into not so pretty brown slush and we were all just trying to find a decent shoe to transition into. Hence the very pretty pastel short Hunter boot I am still lusting over in this guide. And the days that tended to start so cold but ultimately had us stuffing our puffy coats into our backpacks by the time school let out. It was an awkward time, the push and pull for a decent change in weather but it was also an opportunity to feel new again. So I guess that is why I take seasons here in Los Angeles that much more seriously than I did back home, because I really miss the inherent anticiaption of something different. And so the easiest way for me to hit the restart button has always started with my wardrobe and for Spring I have always been so hopeful. So I thought I'd compile some of my tips for freshening up my wardrobe after the winter, hope you enjoy.

Style Tip No. 1 Add a chic scarf to every outfit, the easiest way is to tie one to a handbag to add something extra. It's also a nice way to take something old and make it new and fresh. I have about five silk scarves in various color ranges that I swap out with all my purses but I have also worn them as belts and even tied them around my neck to channel Audrey Hepburn! Since I tend to wear lots of neutrals and blues, my scarves with hints of pink and navy tend to be my favorites so I recommend getting one that either matches or compliments your favorite color palettes. 

Style Tip No. 2 Wear a pastel something. Ever since I bought a light pink coat last winter it’s become such a staple in my wardrobe. I was surprised how many things it goes with, especially since I tend to wear it over jeans or navy leather pants. But if you can’t commit to a full on pastel coat I recommend something smaller, like a purse, sunglasses,  or even an iPhone case. 

Style Tip No. 3 Keep it classic with the chic basics like stripes, trench coats, and tassel loafers. As much as I love a trend, off the shoulder forever, every season has its classics and a trench coat is definitely one of them that I’m not willing to ever tire of. And as our toes defrost it’s back to leather loafers, preferably in with a fun twist, like these pebbled silver slides. Stripes need no explanation. 

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