6AM I always tend to follow either the sunrise or my 6am alarm clock, whichever happens to come first. I am a morning person and so having a productive morning is always important to me. I either start my day working out, typically with a run in my neighborhood or Soulcycle class. If I don't work out then I just start working. Some of the best days tend to start with me arriving super early to the office when barely anyone's around or at my beautiful desk at home. 8AM I usually get to the office around this time and immediately start answering emails. I love to listen to or watch some type of news or talk radio pretty much all day, but especially in the morning. My go-to's vary from Airtalk with Larry Mantle, The View, StarTalk Radio, The Lady Gang Podcast or Heather Dubrow's World. I'm not much of a breakfast person and so my typical early mornings consist of hot water with lemon and alternating days of tea, an espresso shot or cup of coffee to follow. Every once in a while I'm feeling cozy and crave a vanilla coconut milk latte. 9AM Despite whether I am at home or in the office, I am usually getting the most work done from now before lunch. I love my mornings and consider this time my peak of productivity most days. I tend to schedule meetings with my interns, client sessions, and phone calls and make a thorough list of everything I need to get done before the end of the day. On the weekends this is my sacred time to furiously pin inspirational images on Pinterest and take my coffee and avocado toast in bed. 12PM Typically I take a lunch break and read up on lots more lifestyle-esque news. My go-to websites are Town & Country Mag, GoopElle.com, and a bunch of my favorite blogs like La Dolce Vita, Design Darling, This is Glamorous, and Fashionable Hostess. As much as I try not to I am always eating and consuming online content at the same time. My go-to lunch is usually the five spice and Asian noodle salad from Trader Joe's or whatever yummy and typically healthy leftovers my boyfriend sends me off with. On non-work days I either grab my usual salmon avocado roll at Whole Foods or go to a relatively newer spot that I have become OBSESSED with, KazuNori (I might actually like it more then Sugarfish omg) and I always order the toro and blue crab hand rolls. Life changing. 
1PM This tends to be my last attempt at being highly productive before the second half of the day. I love to get the majority of my to-do list items crossed off and tie up any loose ends, aka returning phone calls, responding to more emails, finishing projects for the majority of the day.  4PM Is when I start to teeter off as I am really a morning person and have a lot of trouble staying productive around this time. Depending on my schedule I will often go for a run at when I can as it really helps break up the day, giving me more energy for whatever's next. If I am working I will often grab a coffee and see a client or schedule some last minute meetings/finally clear my ongoing to-do list. This is also a great time for taking blog pictures, depending on the time of year, but ideally the hour before sunset! 6PM I am either in my car driving home from the office or getting back from a run. If I have an event to go to or evening plans I usually take this time to lie down to rest a second before figuring out parking/outfits and getting ready again. I can't stress how helpful going for a run or working out is when I have to be somewhere on a weeknight because I get so tired! If I am free to be home I love catching up on reality television with my roommate or going for a walk with my boyfriend and his little frenchie Pierre. Depending on the sunset time it's a perfect opportunity to have a glass of rosé before dinner and relax. 7PM Dinner is usually something my boyfriend cooks and tends to be on the healthier side like salmon, veggies, tacos, matzo ball soup, chicken yakatori or sushi. Yes, he makes tuna sashimi, hand rolls me blue crab and makes salmon and yellowtail nigiri all fresh from the Nijiya Market. And yes I know I'm lucky! When I am on my own I buy lots of pre-made-ish food from Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, trying so hard not to Postmate too much but when I do it's usually udon soup and crispy rice! If I go out to dinner I tend to have a glass of rosè or just water. Some places I love to go to nearby are Blue Plate Oysterette, Chin Chin'sScopa, Katsuya, Forma, Sugarfish, Tavern, La ScalaMercado, North ... honestly the list goes on because I love trying new restaurants and hate cooking for myself. 9PM I usually try to be in bed to settle in for the night and tie up a bunch of loose ends before going to sleep. This tends to consist of smearing on retinal cream, prepping my Instagram posts for the following day, buying things I don't really need on Amazon Prime, watching an episode of something on my iPad, reading a few chapters of a book (when I'm being good and actually reading), browsing the Poshmark app for cashmere sweaters and lusting over everything on NET-A-PORTER10AM Sleep, or endless google searches for questions like "are Paris and Nicole still friends?" "how to explain bitcoin to a 5 year old" "can you purchase a royal title?" etc, until I either fall asleep with my iPhone in my hands or give up and watch an old episode of The Real Housewives of New York City

Was this at all interesting? Perhaps next time, "A Weekend With Me?" 


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