Tis' the season... all the lights, the gifts, the champagne! So many wonderful things to be excited about during wintertime. For me it's the sweater weather, almond milk lattes, multitude of cookies, the cheesy/classic Christmas movies, the Chinese food, all the celebrations around the city, ugly sweaters, my version of Christmukkuh and the generally festive nature of the holiday season. Despite what religion people practice I like to take the general message of giving and spending time with the people we love as a wonderful thing everyone should enjoy. I also am very aware that sometimes the holidays aren't always easy and can cause varying amounts of stress or sadness for some, more about that here. But since I have always enjoyed being inspired by beautiful images, I am sharing some of my favorite selections from Pinterest here to hopefully reignite all those warm and cozy feelings that I and I am sure many of you attribute to this wonderful time of the year. Please do enjoy. 

Next up, Spring!


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