A pretty pink peacoat ... makes the dreary sweater weather in New York so much more bearable, I’d imagine. I was secretly happy about cooler temps during my stay in NYC last week, as they appear to be fleeting in Los Angeles. When I planned for this trip I really wanted layers and fortunately this coat is thin enough to lay nicely over a thick and cozy sweater, without being bulky. Mine is from last year but I linked a very similar and reasonably priced option here. Its also a great lighter coat option for spring and those semi muggy, semi chilly days most of the country tends to see. And of course I shot this outfit outside the pretty pastels at Ladurèe. Didn’t get a chance to visit the beautiful soho location but fortunately we now have two locations in Los Angeles to brighten any rainy day. Enjoy. 

Happy Weekend!


photography by diego farfan
makeup by anita aguirre

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