As you know... I am not much of a cook. I do try to refrain from eating mounds of quick meals from Postmates or Whole Foods by preparing myself chicken, quinoa, and veggies as much as possible, but I by no means enjoy it. So when the holidays roll around (or just another Monday night) I like to stick with what I’m good at; pouring the drinks and throwing together a fabulous cheese plate. So in the sprit of the season, I created my lovely little fall inspired cheese plate. As per usual on my boards I always try to mix sweet and salty, with a soft cheese, typically a form of creamy Brie, a hard cheese, often my favorite Manchego and then something in between in texture and taste; typically something more strong in taste like a blue cheese, but this time I did Morbier. To make it more autumn-like I added some pumpkin seeds, dried apricots, blood oranges (in season now) and apple, with a honey sauce to dip. And there you go, an easy, festive and incredibly delicious way to entertain. Enjoy! 

Brie Humble!


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