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What have we got on the agenda today...? As much as I love technology, I’ve still kept some artifacts of the past in my daily life. For example, phone calls, books you can hold, handwritten cards, and of course, my trusty old school agenda. For the last 5 years I have used the same agenda from Gallery Leather because it's got a great weekday outline, divided by each hour, which helps me keep all my sessions and meetings straight. And of course, they monogram. I will most likely continue to order the same version every year, until I can justify purchasing a Symthson but I complied a list of other noteworthy (see what I did there) options too! Now full disclosure, I do use my google calendar (synced to my iPhone calendar) to keep all my personal dates such as dinner plans, blogger events, vacations, etc. But I find it much easier to keep all my work related items like meetings, client appointments and trainings, in a more tangible way. I will admit, that with Outlook appointments and Google docs the temptation is real to put it all online, but there's just something so much more meaningful to me about writing things down, especially important dates and being able to physically keep track of everything. I also think it's in poor taste (no offense 2017) to use my phone during a work meeting or in front of clients, and so using a planner keeps me organized and feeling a bit more professional. So if you're anything like me, this selection of organized eye candy will get you going, to work! Enjoy! 

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