1. Chic-O-Ween in full swing! Yes, I made that sentence up and I'm proud of it. I think I'm starting to like Halloween more now as an adult then I did as a kid or teenager even. I think maybe because ever since graduating from college I've become more, shall I say, creative, with my costumes. My best one yet, here. I've already been watching Hocus Pocus, Harry Potter and Gilmore Girls on repeat and started wearing sweaters every day despite the temperatures hitting an average of 88 degrees everyday at noon. I've also decorated some beautiful blue and white chinoiserie pumpkins I'm excited to share and of course, a delicious fall themed cheese plate. 

2. Girls trip to NYC, and of course it's me and my three friends, so basically I'm Carrie Bradshaw. I'm very excited to go to New York, I truly believe I'm better suited to live there more then Los Angeles. I love the hustle and fast pace of New York, the rush of being busy just makes sense to me. I also of course love how fashion forward people are, and how restaurants are not just known for who's there and what they look like, but also have a very high standard for good food. New York also seems to have more tradition and history that people actually appreciate. Needless to say, I'm also very excited to see some friends, particularly one who I miss terribly after she left LA about a year ago. So if you have any recommendations for places to shop, eat, relax, see, be fabulous  — please let me know!! 

3. MoviePass an app that will sound too good to be true for any movie theater going lover like me, which apparently offers one movie theater pass per day for less then $10 per month. There has been controversy about how feasible this idea is but I can't wait to test is out. The average movie ticket cost in Los Angeles is more then the monthly cost of this service so I'd be more then happy to test is out, especially since prime movie theater time is upon us (Oscar season) and I just love a good afternoon theater outing. It's actually the one thing almost always do by myself (aside from serious shopping) and has always been a great way for me to deal with stress. 

4. Fall reading list. I have to admit I have once again fallen off the wagon with reading. I would like to say this doesn't happen all the time or that I'm really busy but I'd be lying because EVERY time I start reading again, I fall off the wagon and as busy as I am I still manage to watch every episode of Real Housewives while knocking out work on my laptop. Usually a vacation helps since I need something for plane rides and while lounging but I actually left my copy of Rich People Problems (the 3rd installment in the the Crazy Rich Asians Series and a great easy read) at our hotel in France this summer, so I need to order another stat. I also started reading Fake Plastic Love but have hit a bit of a wall. So any recommendations? I found some good lists here and here

5. The Harvey Weinstein news that recently broke has been weighing heavily on my heart. On one hand I am so relieved that after decades of injustices against many women, a man with great power was ousted. But I am also extremely disappointed at the fact that such insidious behavior was tolerated for so long, up until it was publicly shamed. Sexual harassment, assault and violence is a truly evil and systematic problem in almost every industry, all over our country and the entire world. This makes everyone responsible, from parents teaching our young people to respect one another, from teachers educating students about consent, from HR departments executing a no-tolerance policy, to decent human decency suggesting we show one another safety, respect and integrity. It's a great thing I suppose that we as a society are starting to take this problem more seriously then in the past and that women have more of a platform for speaking out. But I guess it's still sort of sad that we have advanced so far with technology, education and laws, and yet still are so behind on basic human rights- the right to live a safe and fulfilling life. But here's my part, my mini contribution, my opinion that may or may not make a big difference but that like many others, can slowly, help change the world. It's as simple as respect. Respecting those around us, those with more power, those with less. Respecting our children, neighbors, strangers, ourselves. If we can equate people, we can live free of exploitation. 

Much love and RESPECT, 


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