It's that time of year again... and as I probably say every year, it's really crazy to me how a season change (or the idea of it for all you warm weather cities) can bring you back to your earlier memories of the season, to whatever traditions you had, wether big or small, mine being mostly around helping rake the leaves as a little kid in Chicago, or watching double double toil and trouble with my little sister with roasted marshmallows on a plate (don't ask me why), or planning her annual Halloween themed birthday (poor Becky couldn't escape it with an October 15th birthday). I remember one year my sole responsibility was to jump out and scare arriving guests and hit repeat on the "spooky sounds tape," yes; that was a thing. As I got older this became a major social moment for starting off middle school, curly hair (Jaime Sullivan style when she sang in the blue dress), trying to find a happy medium between my burgeoning fashionista style and the ruthlessness of 7th grade bullies. Obviously, I won. (Insert red dress salsa dancer emoji). And then it become about Homecoming, and all the pressure for us cheerleaders to put on a great show and rock spirit week. I think I almost feel asleep at the dance senior year after extreme exhaustion. Then of course, the never ending sorority shenanigans — I'm not sure what was worse, rushing to be in a sorority or having to rush literally hundreds of girls every fall, being extremely hungover, desperate for a bagel and repeating the same small talk about the freshman courses, wether or not leggings were pants, and how classy our sorority was. But all in all, these memories all had one thing in common, the excitement of something that feels fresh, new and hopeful, but also conjoined to the familiarity of the seasons and it's traditions. I think that spirit has always been best captured during this time, when the nights get a little colder, the lights get brighter and people, whether out of sheer will or for the sake of tradition and repetition, decide to celebrate life and all that the start of all the season has to offer. Here's some eye candy to get you in the mood. Enjoy!

Much Love,