Summer, summer, summertime... is the best of all seasons, for many reasons (didn't mean for that to rhyme) some being, my birthday, the reliably warm weather, and endless beach days... unless you live in Los Angeles and STILL wonder how it manages to get so cold at night!? I've always loved swimming - well actually more so chilling by a pool or beach with an ice cold glass of rosé and a good read. And with that comes the oh so taxing process of finding a flattering swimsuit, and then the dreaded cover up. I have so many that really seem to double up as dresses, and that's why I got so incredibly excited about - get this - a toweling blazer. Basically a blazer made from terry cloth, to wear over swimsuits for those chilly breezes post swim, or for me, a chic way to sip rosè and look civilized in my bikini. Oh and did I mention the monogram? My new obsession, from BASK, comes in white and navy, which to be honest was a really hard choice, but I like to keep things beachy so I chose white, with navy piping, but I also love the white with pink, and navy with red. Perfect for those long days under the sun and certainly my favorite resort wear item ever created. It's like going to prep school but on the beach; and with rosè and nothing to study haha. As Town and Country Magazine appropriately quipped "if Gatsby wore a cover up." So long gone are the days of trendy, embellished sheer, flowy dresses for me. I think I've found myself a classic. Enjoy. 

Let's keep it classic. 



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  1. You are so chic and CUTE.