It's my birthdayyyy...table! This year I waned to do a little less then last year's full on beach party and so I settled on a pretty table at a nice restaurant for just myself and few good friends. And yes, my idea of "doing less" is decorating a table. Enjoy. 

The Place: there were many options, but ultimately Georgie's was at the top of my list! I've been for coffee and brunch at their adorable café setup, I also am obsessed with their blue and white plates. There were a few other places I considered but I was just so impressed by the immediate politeness and customer service I received when I pitched my idea of decorating the table, that made this the right place. Georgie's is a newer restaurant at the Montage Beverly Hills, replacing the former Scarpetta location. I must admit, my attraction started at the adorable decor and super girly ambiance, but I was thoroughly impressed by the delicious food and service. I ordered the salmon and we all shared the most delicious sweet and salty bread. Most of my friends ordered the dover sole and couldn't stop talking about it. But I must say, the martini cart was at the top of my list, so chic, just so incredibly chic. Thank goodness I had at least one friend brave enough to order a martini (or two) so we could have a cart experience! Two of my friends loved the Spring Meringue and the Georgie Gerber cocktails. I opted for a less sugary version of a Paloma, which was basically just tequila, soda and a splash of grapefruit juice and it was delicious! 

The Table: So this was, surprisingly, the very first table I have decorated! I wasn't exactly sure what look I was going for so instead I just bought a bunch of things I liked. Next time I will definitely make sure everything matches before I buy but I think it turned out pretty so no complaints! I knew the restaurant had blue and white plates and so I started there. I wanted to place a green palm leaf over the plate to compliment the blue and white, a color scheme I am quite fond of. I also knew I wanted pink flowers, unfortunately peonies are out of season and hard to find, so I settled for some pink roses and found these amazing little lavender pom pom flowers that I sadly can't find the formal name for. Instead of using vases I just spread out the lavender branches and placed the rose heads into the crevices. Then laid my battery operated copper light strings across the table. In hindsight, I would have opted for a transparent strand or mini individual lights so the copper wire didn't show but hey you live and you learn! For place cards I had this great idea of using miniature pineapples (they sell them at most grocery stores, mine are from Ralph's) and a mini flag. If you can't find a similar flag then I recommend just taping a toothpick to the back of a normal place card to mount it into the pineapple. I wrote (well my friend wrote as my handwriting is horrid) everyone's name on their flag with a metallic gold sharpie, and stuck the flag into the pineapple. Wallah, a super chic place setting is made!

The Treats: Per usual I ordered my absolute favorite marble cake from Susie's! This year I decided to have a Drake on cake - which for those of you who aren't hip is just a cake with Drake lyrics on it, made famous by this fabulous Instagram account. I had lots of options but ultimately choose the "feeling good, living better" because why wouldn't I haha. I am so absolutely happy with the way it turned out and of course, the consistent slice of heaven SusieCakes always delivers! The candles I found were perhaps my favorite detail of all! These blue and white marble candles are so chic and come in a few different colors. I just couldn't get enough! As a party favor I gave all my friends some yummy macarons wrapped in cellophane and tied them up with a baby blue pom pom fabric. As much as I liked the idea, I think that's enough cellophane for me and perhaps pairing baby pink and baby blue is a little too, baby. Not quite there yet! 

Cheers to #28!




  1. wow, such a nice birthday party table,so elegant and

    nice food, i want to introduce some great curtains,hope you love them.

  2. LOL how did I not know about this cake gram before? SO FUNNY!

    Such a gorgeous table! Happy Birthday!!


    1. Awe thanks dear! Yes, I think it's my best cake yet!!!!

      Drake on cakes for life haha!

  3. Not 100% positive, but I think your mystery lavender flowers are Globe Amaranth.

    Beautiful table!

    1. Omg thank you Katie! I spent so much time looking, how did you find it? Are you a florist?

      Thanks so much for reading!!!