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Birthdays are so fun... albeit inevitable. I feel like everyone is always having a birthday, ALL THE TIME! Meaning lots of fun but also LOTS OF GIFTS! So many gifts. And while I love to celebrate and give gifts, I also sometimes think I need less friends... JK! Over the years of my little young adult life I have learned a few things, a few tricks of the trade, and while there are many a splurge worthy option on this list, I think what matters the most is the interest you show in your friend, acquaintance, family member, significant other, that matters the most. The gift option I really feel you can never go wrong with is something personalized. Monogram it, because it takes time and thoughtfulness and planning to give a gift like that. One of the best presents I ever received was handprinted stationery with my initials on it, handmade from a dear friend (shoutout to you Jennifer). I also absolutely loved the cheese basket my friend Emma gave me that had an assortment of cheeses handpicked from the grocery store, cheese plate serving accessories and a cute mini champs bottle. These were two great gifts that were probably the least expensive and most thoughtful gifts I ever received. I also believe that for some friends or acquaintances a bottle of rosé or some flowers go a long way. And under all circumstances, you must ALWAYS write a card! Preferably on some personal stationery, to make it stand out from the rest of the hallmark rift raft. A nice set of words in print is like a treasure trove, an antiquated tradition in the current day of birthday texts, cake emojis and Facebook wall posts. I also think that just like a wedding, any hosted party requires a gift. It's just that simple. I also happened to leave out experiential gifts on this list, but they are MUCH appreciated, whether you take a friend out for ice cream, an art class, soulcycle, brunch or to Hawaii (hint, hint); you can never return quality time spent with someone you care about! Remember, it's the thought that counts. And I really hope someone thinks I am worthy of these Aquazurra tassel pumps. Pretty, pretty, pleaseeeeeee. Enjoy!

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MAKE A WISH!!! For those donuts...dough



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  1. OMGOSH Happy almost Birthday!! We must celebrate at The Ivy!!!!!!!