{sunset in santa monica, ca}

And if you don't know, now you know ... I realize my blog is about my style and the things I get inspiration from, my creative dream outlet - but I wanted to maybe break down a little bit more about myself and my taste. So here we are, 100 things about me, this was so fun to do, would maybe be a nice dinner game with friends or serve as a fun ice breaker. Here we go! Hope you enjoy and maybe fill one out yourself or with friends!

favorite color: blue
time of day: sunset and dusk
childhood book: hopper
three things I love about my city: the ocean/mountains, the weather (duh), and the proximity to other beautiful places (Carmel, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara) 
profession: mental health therapist, i blog as a hobby on the side
favorite accessory right now: these tassel earrings in every color
greatest achievement: raising money for saving innocence
favorite meal: truffle cream pasta
celebrity crush: miles teller
rule worth breaking: eat the last slice of pizza

{my best cheese plate yet}

best thing i can cook: a gorgeous cheese plate 
city: london
charitable cause: CSEC (commercial sexual exploitation of children)
i can never have too many: dinners with good friends
place to shop: zara, luxury vintage shops, Bloomingdale, and yes, I will stop shopping at forever 21 when they stop making adorable things  
dessert: anything peanut butter and chocolate 
go to outfit: a blue and white button down and navy leather skinny jeans
style mantra: classic with a touch of glamour 
earliest memory: crawling in my parents living room in the early morning
dream travel: to spend a month living in the English countryside around christmastime, aka the holiday

{faena hotel in miami}

u.s. vacation destination: Miami
style era: 1920s
style icons: Olivia Palermo, Jackie Kennedy, Aerin lauder, Morgan Stewart, 
hostess gift: a coffee table book or bottle of rosé
prized possession: calliou, my toy poodle
top cuisine: Italian, Japanese, Mexican
most recent book read: a study in charlotte 
movie: black swan
blogs I regularly read: this is glamorous, la dolce vita, design darlingthe college prepster
favorite piece of jewelry: my pearl ring my family gave me when I graduated my masters of Social Work program

{the cypress tree in carmel by the sea}

weekend destination: Carmel by the Sea
disney movie: alice in wonderland
guilty pleasure: watching old seasons of real housewives and pinning on pinterest
museum: art institute of Chicago
hometown: Chicago
first blog i ever read: and still read-la dolce vita (found it after google searching olivia palermo's apartment)
ice cream flavor: cookie dough
drug store beauty product: maybelline telescopic lash mascara

{my little toy poodle caillou}

pet: an energetic and adorable white toy poodle who resides with his grandmother in Chicago because his mother was too selfish and moved to LA!
thing to do with friends: trying new restaurants
childhood movie: bye bye birdie
high school sport: cheerleading
astrological sign: leo
early bird or night owl: early bird
decor dream splurge: a navy blue velvet couch with thick white borders on each cushion (like tory burch's here)
flower: peonies, roses, hydrangeas

{peonies and some of my favorite coffee table books}

cocktail: I usually drink either a vodka soda with lime or a glass of rose to avoid all the sugar but I love a good French 75, Spritz, or Margarita too!
instagram accounts I obsess over: @juliahengel, @somethingnavy, @sophieschumacher0, @blarejune@whatwouldkikiwear, @margoandme, @leslieannebruce, @kjp@brookedujour, @bright_beautiful
snack: pretzel challah bread from whole foods with hummus
dream car: a vintage white volkswagen beetle convertible
workout: running, a hike or soul cycle
american cities i still need to visit: Charleston, Nantucket, Dallas, Nashville, Cape Cod
trend i'll never be over: blazer and statement necklace (e.g. olivia palermo on the city)

best thing about my apartment: my desk - bar cart is a close second though
coffee shop order: typically a black coffee with a splash of almond milk but as a treat, a vanilla almond milk latte, maybe with a yummy sugar cookie on the side
it's not a weekend without: my typical bagel and matzo ball soup breakfast from NY Bagel in Brentwood
if i became a billionaire: i would start a charitable foundation for women, travel half the year and continue therapy and blogging
worst habit: playing with my hair
food i wish had no negative health impact: cheese! cheese! cheese! pleaseeeeee
dream daily luxury: a personal chaffer

thing to do in the summer: drive with the top down on pacific coast highway
actress that would play me in a movie: jenna tatum, or so i've been told
season: summer, duh
holiday: chrismakuh 
scariest thing i've ever done: creating a position for myself at work
hogwarts house: ravenclaw
movie i never tire of: the holiday between the months of September and February 
mary-kate and ashley movie: passport to paris
nail polish: essie's haute as hello or sunday funday
most magical place i've been: verona, italy
best childhood memory: sleep away camp
pizza topping: mushrooms, truffles preferably 
store candy: tie between toblerone and butterfinger 

best outfit worn to date: a crisp white blazer, grey silk shorts, white silk tank top, pearl statement necklace and silver captoe pumps
first concert: n'sync
superhero power: to fly! i literally have consistent dreams about it
habit i'm trying to break: saying "i'm sorry" for minor things - like moving over for someone at the grocery store that bumped into me?
favorite real housewife: heather dubrow
if i could only eat at one restaurant for a year: mastro's, especially the alaskan crab truffle gnocchi! 
last thing i ate: salmon avocado sushi and garlic cheese pasta
as a kid i wanted to be: the president of the united states
board game: candyland
favorite kardashian: kris jenner, i respect the hustle
best piece of advice i've received: to not care what anyone thinks because they are already too consumed with themselves
skill i want to learn: equine therapy

{image source}

favorite place in los angeles: the fountain coffee room at the Beverly Hills Hotel
famous person i'd like to have dinner with: barbara walters
mcdonald's order: chicken snack wrap and fries
song i never tire of: chandelier by sia
my real housewife tagline: would you rather be happy or right?
person i want to trade homes with: gwenyth paltrov's brentwood home
biggest regret: not getting my first credit card until I was 25
best gift i ever received: a basket of cheese plate accessories including several cheeses!
dream photoshoot: a sunset picnic in provence 
childhood role model: fran drescher in the nanny
bachelor or bachelorette fan favorite: trista, the first bachelorette!
describe yourself in three words: self-deprecating, bold and empathetic

Okay now a quiz...




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  1. LOL this is hilarious! Just read it again and seriously laughed out loud multiple times. Loved getting to know you better and just confirms my belief that we are twins!