What's better then rosé on a summer day... The most wonderful concoction I've come across pretty much since ice cream - the delectable and refreshing frozen version of our favorite summer drink, frosé! My friend Brooke and I made this refreshing batch the other day to watch The Bachelorette with some friends (more to come on that soon). But if you haven't had frosé yet then you must have seen it on social media and thought to yourself that it almost doesn't matter what's inside, because it looks to irresistible on a hot day. Or at least I did. And if you are just hearing about it now, well then I'm glad you have access to my blog in that rock you must be living under. Here's how I did it, enjoy. 

There are a few different ways to make the delectable slushy but all involve the tricky task of freezing rosé wine, which most people tend to think of as impossible. Unlike other alcohol, wine is actually freezable due to it's water content. However, it takes a bit of time depending on whether you are freezing the rosé on it's own or mixed with other liquids. Last summer I made frosé in popsicle format and it became quite the spectacular after dinner delight in my freezer. I also served some of the leftover popsicles in a wine glass from time to time, which would be another option to get a similar consistency.

This time I wanted to make it in a cocktail format and after seeing the lovely images from style me pretty's recipe, which called for very few ingredients: rosé, rose flavored lemonade, ice cubes and a lavender garnish. For rosé options my favorite is Whispering Angel, but I also like Chloe and Summer Water. The only tools you need are ice cube trays and a blender. The recipe is simple just,  

1. freeze the entire bottle of rosé in ice cube trays, I recommend for 24 hours 
2. blend the rosé ice cubes with 4oz. of lemonade and regular ice cubes. 

Garnish with lavender, candied fruit, or miniature garden roses like me for some extra instagram likes and wallah, you are golden! Add a cute straw, like these, and enjoy! 

Full disclosure, since I didn't remember to freeze the rosé overnight like the recipe called for I ended up having to improvise, as wine needs about 24 hours in the ice cube trays to freeze. So instead, I just blended the unfrozen rosé with ice cubes and the lemonade, right before serving and it turned out very delicious, just not to the consistency you would expect a slushy to have. Keep in mind it's important to freeze the rosé in ice cube trays and not the glass bottle because it can explode and make the frozen rosé too difficult to extract. Either way it still turned out pretty and delicious, can't wait to perfect my frosé making skills this summer, I guarantee you I'm going to become a pro! 

Cheers responsibly!



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