Will you accept this frosé? Ahhh the bachelor/bachelorette... I have many thoughts and internal conflicts about this lovely piece of television, however, considering my eternal love and loyalty of any reality show on Bravo, I will set those feelings aside because let's face it, there's rosé to be had - not to mention pizza and treats. So when a new friend and blogger, Brooke invited me to host a bachelorette viewing party, I was all in within five seconds. Here are all the deets from the party, enjoy!

First things first, the dessert of course. Any gathering requires sugar and Brooke found the most AMAZING custom cookies from SusieCakes with little wine details and in rose frosting and shape. She also decorated each famous red velvet cupcake with printed photos of the one and only Chris Harrison! I think it would cute to print off some of the bachelors themselves as we get closer to the final rose, we could maybe even make it into a little game perhaps. 

Second to desserts comes the rosé, according to me. We decided to step it up this time and in the spirit of the summer season, make some delectable frosé, the recipe and details about how I did it, in this recent post. I used miniature garden roses to garnish the drinks, but also the petals as decoration for the party setup. Brooke printed this adorable little sign for the table and some insta story worthy snaps your friends are sure to love.  

And of course we made pizzas. This was actually pretty fun and quite simple with pre-made crust and lots of topping options. Mine actually turned out really yummy, albeit edible, thank God, and a great alternative to whatever they put in the papa johns pizza I typically order. It was a very interactive way to snack and I think from now on we should always have a build your own something station and get people to be more creative. 

The pizzas turned out amazing and did I forget to mention we had a cheese plate? Pretty standard, but in the best way possible. My basic hostessing skills always involve a cheese plate, more to come in a future post, and this one was of course, extra beautiful with a variety of cheese textures and an assortment of snacks to pair with them. Another good idea is to have some raw veggies just to balance all the rich food, but where's the fun in that? 

All in all, it's always a great thing to bring friends together, whether it's for a show you can all eat and talk through until some unrealistic and dramatic scene happens or while you are watching a documentary on clean water. I never regret the time spent with friends or eating that last slice of pizza... and so any reason to host is good enough for me! Thanks Brooke for the great idea!!

And yes, I will accept this frosé...





  1. So while it's true that the people make an event (and the people definitely made any event!) this space definitely adds a different dimension to it. Went to New York venues here for an evening event and I was really impressed.

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