Tis' the season... It's December, when the realness of the holiday season really sets in. Amongst the many holiday parties, gift giving mania and deadlines before the celebrations can officially start I have managed to highlight a few wonderful things I am excited to engage in this month. Let's cheers to the first December weekend!

1. The Holidays

Well, my favorite holiday, Chrismakuh, is finally around the corner and we can officially go all out in celebration of the season! I'm so happy to come home and watch cheesy lifetime Christmas movies with my roommate, sip warm drinks and see all the lovely decorations at all my favorite places in Los Angeles (most notably the nutcrackers wearing pink jackets at the Beverly Hills Hotel pictured above). The icing on gingerbread house (see what I did there?) is that Los Angeles seems to be embracing the festive season with some relatively cold weather (aka we can wear a sweater and boots). It's a great time to spend with loved ones and I'm looking forward to doing just that! 

2. La La Land Movie

Ever since I saw the first trailer in theaters this summer I've been mesmerized by this film that's been eloquently described as "a love letter to Los Angeles" and staring one of my favorite on screen couples, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, in the city I now call home. The film is set to release in select theaters December 9th, check here to see when and where it's playing near you! Oscar season, so close!

3. Montana Ave Holiday Walk 

I love this annual celebration of the holidays just next door to Brentwood, in my favorite area in Santa Monica. Montana Avenue is a beautiful tree lined street with plenty of cute shops, cafes, eateries, and speciality stores. I love it because it's laid back, pretty and generally free of tourists. Some of my favorite spots include Frilly Lilly, Sweet Lady Jane, Brentwood General Store, Caffè Luxxe, Forma, and Andrew's Cheese Shop. The event today (December 2nd) goes from 5pm-9pm and has tons of fun stuff for kids and sales for shoppers. Lots of the stores have treats and the smart ones, wine. It's a fun event for everyone to get festive and I'm excited to go tonight with some good friends! 

4. My Mother is Coming to Town

And yes, this is a good thing! My mother is obsessed with Los Angeles and loves any excuse to come visit, especially from windy (and outright freezing) Chicago. I love having people in town in general but especially my mother because we are very similar in terms of planning ahead and hitting up all the great spots. She always up for an adventure, just like me, and so she is the perfect guest to host. We will get to see our family in Pasadena and maybe head up the coast at some point to some of the best spots on the California coast.

Happy December, but more importantly, happy Friday!


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