the drive down pacific coast highway

2016, it's been quite the journey...Not quite sure where to begin with this one, but let's start with endless amount of gratitude I have for the many blessings I've been dealt this year - good health, great relationships, a loving and supportive family, a fulfilling career and the development of a great new outlet for stress. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to make some great things happen in my life, as well as build resilience through the times that haven't been so easy, fulfilling, happy or lucrative. We all have our moments and whenever I loose hope or sift into self-doubt, I remember how in my profession I often bear witness to, or at best, strongly encourage, the trust in my clients' resilience and will power. Sometimes I find myself drowning in their sadness and pain, while they decompress and tread some major tides, sans any swim lessons. At the end of the day, suffering is suffering, but it puts life back in perspective to know we all have the opportunity to grow and prosper, despite where we came from or what advantages we my have had. Rather then making a comparison to peoples pain or good fortune, I can truly be as vulnerable or as strong as I need to, this year and the next. And while I am clearly showing all the good from this year in these pictures, I hope to have shared some of the not-so-chic reality behind them. Cheers to more of that in 2017, enjoy!

{the lovely running path I take}

{routine supper clubs with my darling girlfriends}

{fairly typical eating patterns with my new roommate}

{more excitement & opportunity for gisele chic}

{a truly memorable palm springs getaway} 

{the endless appreciation I have for this city}

{the best birthday yet...}

Happiest 2017, 



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