Last weekend I somehow booked two workouts in the same day. Let me be clear, that never happens to me but I was happy to do it! I went to soulcycle in the morning and then the launch of an incredible new workout app called The Ballet Bod. The founders, Jenny and Winnie, first met at ballet boarding school, {umm how chic is that?}, before creating this amazing idea to extend their expertise in the most effective and feminine way. Enjoy. 

The Ballet Bod is a 27 minute, high intensity workout you can do at home with your smartphone. It's got a little bit of ballet, a little bit of yoga and a lot of toning designed to be effective. The moves are fairly straight forward and expedient which is great for me since I really don't like an entire hour of strength training. Since I love running and spinning, it's a nice way to tone up a little and loosen my hips from all the repetition of cardio. 

Aside from the app, Jenny and Winnie (pictured above) actually teach classes in Los Angeles and Sydney, their respective home bases. They also live stream sessions you can follow along with from home, all via the app.

And of course all good things must end with tea and carbs. Because feeling good after working out is amazing and so is feeling satisfied! Thank you so much for including me in this wonderful launch, and more info about the ballet bod, here

Happy almost weekend, 


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