Thankful for... 1. freedom of speech 2. happy hour 3. family and friends who love and support me 4. the velvet trend 5. the Gilmore Girls revival 6. to live in a beautiful place 7. my new roommate 8. the healing power of time 9. the peanut butter and chocolate combination 10. the right to vote 11. Instagram filters 12. my consistent running (pray it lasts) 13. the invention of pumpkin spice 14. a fulfilling career 15. to live in a city with so many  interesting & intelligent people 16. client's who teach me humility 17. a place to call home 18. the existence of dogs 19. the opportunity to create the change I'd like to see in the world 20. great girlfriends 21. my education 22. supper club 23. rosé 24. the best mom in the world 25. all the readers and supporters of Gisele Chic!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, 

So Grateful!


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