This is Halloween finally! After 31 days of sugary sweets, Hocus Pocus marathons and attempts at wearing sweaters in LA the day has come to officially celebrate the changing of the seasons (at least in most parts of the country). And this year the not so surprising choice for my costume was a pineapple, one of my favorite little details because of they're leisurely, festive, sweet nature, just like me right? Enjoy.  

In the spirit of the off the shoulder trend I created a three piece ensemble with one of my most beloved fabrics, velvet. I fastened an a-line skirt by tying the front and back panels together on the side and wrapped a rouged long piece of fabric to create a strapless tube top. I doubled knotted the thick piece of fabric in the back so the extra velvet could hang down my back. 

For the bell sleeves I tied the fabric together in little double knots on my upper arm and let the rest of the fabric flow out. I tied a thin strand of fabric around my elbow to create the drape. 

It's hard to see my green leaf headpiece as it clearly blends well with the real foliage! I started with a wide brimmed headband, round and flat piece of styrofoam and cardboard. First I cut cardboard leaf shapes, added a bit of glue to the end of a tooth pick and stuck it into the bottom of each cardboard piece so they could be easily mounted into the styrofoam. Then I wrapped the headband, cardboard pieces and styrofoam piece in the green velvet fabric using a hot glue gun. I then stuck the leaves into the styrofoam, arranged so all were visible. Then I wrapped extra straps of velvet around the headband to hold the foam on top with the leaves all in place. 

And of course I saved an extra strap on green velvet to make a little choker collar. Who knew Kristen Cavallari's signature accessory would make such a comeback! 

Happy Halloween!


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