{ me & my friend samantha from what would kiki wear at the milk launch }

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of celebrating the MILK makeup launch with an old high school friend, former co-cheerleader and now stellar NYC blogger at Open Haus Co and creative at MILK. Aside from the gorgeous space at the MILK studio in Los Angeles, I got to sample all the new beauty goods, plus some stellar rosé and stickers. 

To be honest, I'm not super fluent in makeup use, but I will say a lot of the products were easy to use and looked non-threatening! Sometimes I get so confused about what goes first and how to blend one item into another. But what I liked the most about MILK was the individuality of each item, all with the purpose of just a little more glow and less to do! High on my list is the sunshine skin tint that just rolls on easy, literally it's a roller ball application, and gives me the uber natural look I go for. I also loved the holographic stick, it gives that summery glow I'll be holding onto year round!

Hope everyone is enjoying summer!

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