This past weekend I had the pleasure of finding another wonderful slice of food heaven on the hippie chic Abbot Kinney in Venice. I originally came across Greenleaf's uber accessible healthy meals to go when I worked out at Equinox and they conveniently sold them at the Earthbar. I still love grabbing them for lunch at work since they are so fulfilling without feeling heavy after or falling flat on taste/heartiness. Naturally I was happy to find out a free standing restaurant opened in Hollywood and now Venice with a more extensive menu, bright and glowy ambiance, and serving delectable cocktails! Enjoy!

So before I eat anywhere, I like to check out the decor scheme first and this one doesn't disappoint! I LOVE bright and airy spaces filled with tons of natural light. And I spy a banana leaf print pillow, do you? The green leaf plant with the white walls, natural light and open windows represents the way I like to see Southern California very well!

First things first, delicious cocktails, juices and lattes! They have a quick to-go bar up front with grab and go meals/snacks and juices. And then this wonderful and well lit patio perfect for brunches and dinner under some pretty twinkle lights. I love the patterned tile on the floor, it just screams "I'm Instagram ready, hope your shoes are cute too." I think they did a wonderful job keeping the patio furniture in neutrals with natural wood tables, greenery and burnt orange seats. It's fitting with the causal Venice beach vibe without being overly shabby or too rustic. 

And now, back to the food! It's amazing to have variety. I must say my favorite menu items are the antioxidant orchard salad, wild mushroom and truffle pizza, almond crusted chicken sliders (which I ask to be put in my salad), baked sweet potato fries with an avocado pesto dip, ABC protein shake, eggs Benedict and Chinese chicken lettuce cups. 

It was so nice seeing friends this weekend, catching up during brunch and not feeling like I needed a nap right after! I also went back the next day to do some work over a latte on the amazing marble countertop bar. I can't wait to come back for more, perhaps a lovely dinner on that patio, until next time! 

More from Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop, here

Hope everyone's having a great summer, 

Much love, 


All lovely photography by Sabrina at ShesChasingSunshine.com

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