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1. Spring cleaning (and donating). 

The cliché is real. The time has come to attack that closet, I am sure we all have, full of some useful and mostly useless stuff that has complied in secret and ignored for far too long! It's quite a scene when I, with caution, open that door and close it as swiftly as possible! It's got luggage, lamp shades, computer paper, files, pillows, clothes, cleaning supplies and bins that have been long overdue for reorganization and purging of things we do not need! My personal closet could also use a hard eye, with so many items I haven't used in so long and could perhaps be better accounted for at Goodwill. It's not easy to find them time but it sure feels good to have it gone and maybe even give something back as a result. 

2. Wake up extra early to see the sunrise.

I've been wanting to do this for so long! Especially since there are so many great hikes in Los Angeles nearby and the sky is often clear enough on most mornings to see some amazing colors. My mother always made sure to wake up early on family vacations because of her love for sunrises and I never really understood why, until I started to see the most amazing pictures, even prettier then sunset! It's also a lot more feasible to wake up extra early on a weekday, when getting out of work on time to catch a sunset can be fairly difficult for most of the year. 

3. Read more books. 

I am proud to say I always have a book on my bed tray to read and I am an active member of a book club (albeit it's more of a wine and how are you doing club). Often times I will read a book  consistently until I am finished, however, their have been several this year that I wasn't able to connect to and instead of moving on to another, I just ignored it and gave myself free range to binge watch reality television and Netflix. From now on I am going to buy books in multiples so I have more options. Despite my love for television/podcasts/magazines, I think it's so important to read books, whether they are beach reads or not. It's all about balance and I've found I get so much more out of reading then all other forms of entertainment consumption. Currently I am reading The Royal We and despite what you might think, It's a wonderfully written, fictional account of Kate Middleton and Prince William's romance that despite the royal wedding could stand on It's own. 

4. Try cooking an easy recipe from Pinterest.

Last month's goal to try making ramen at home didn't quite pan out because it's WAY too difficult a task for me! I can barely preheat the oven correctly, let alone make something so complex. Perhaps one day, but for now I am going to stick to the basics and I've been collecting some great ideas from Pinterest. Looking forward to trying to make peanut chicken lettuce wraps, salmon baked in parchment, and mushroom pasta with goat cheese. Fingers crossed I don't burn the house down :) 

5. Watch more classic American movies.  

It's been brought to my attention that I have missed out on so many classic films that have significantly contributed to American culture. As a lover of film and subscriber of Netflix I will admit I haven't seen and plan now to see the following: Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, When Harry Met Sally, Cocktail, It's a Wonderful Life, The Royal Tenenbaums, Risky Business, Mrs. Doubtfire, Sleepless in Seattle, Star Wars and I won't name any more as I am already so embarrassed I haven't seen these! #ComingClean. 

Well, I hope you found my "M" list interesting, and perhaps inspiring for your own Spring to do list!



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