I don't quite know where to begin in describing the magic of San Ysidro Ranch. Located right off the Santa Barbara coast, tucked between the lovely residential area of Montecito and canyons, the property is everything I love: plush greenery, romance and an undeniable charm. I came here right around sunset for a lovely dinner with my special guy and left with a heart filled with admiration and a borderline obsession with this idyllic place. It truly stole my heart, and here's why. Enjoy!

From the moment we arrived, everyone was so welcoming and of course this ivy covered walkway presented It's own warm welcome, inviting me to move in I swear! Despite the fact that this is a hotel, it felt much more like someone's estate, too bad I am not friends with the owner! #goals

Every inch of the property is covered with greenery, bright flowers and perfectly trimmed hedges. All of the guest spaces are bungalows and cottages with names instead of numbers, just like the homes in Carmel by the Sea! 

After grabbing a cocktail at the ADORABLE little bar inside the Stonehouse, we took a walk before dusk and took in the beautiful scenery. It felt like a glorious breakaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, as if I was back in the Italian countryside, with no set time to be anywhere or do anything. It was a great escape I highly recommend everyone take! 

Right at dusk we sat down for a delicious dinner in perhaps the most romantic setting I've seen yet! The twinkle lights in the treelined outdoor seating of the Stonehouse restaurant was incredibly warm and inviting, the staff even offered me a cashmere throw that was much appreciated! 

I can't remember exactly what I ordered, but I know everything was delicious regardless. Despite my love for food, I probably wouldn't have noticed a bad meal given the surroundings! Call me simple, but nothing is more romantic to me then twinkle lights in trees! It doesn't take much, but this place literally stole my heart! 

I just can't think of anything more romantic! 

I can't wait to go back, until next time lover!



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