I don't quite know where to begin in describing the magic of San Ysidro Ranch. Located right off the Santa Barbara coast, tucked between the lovely residential area of Montecito and canyons, the property is everything I love: plush greenery, romance and an undeniable charm. I came here right around sunset for a lovely dinner with my special guy and left with a heart filled with admiration and a borderline obsession with this idyllic place. It truly stole my heart, and here's why. Enjoy!

From the moment we arrived, everyone was so welcoming and of course this ivy covered walkway presented It's own warm welcome, inviting me to move in I swear! Despite the fact that this is a hotel, it felt much more like someone's estate, too bad I am not friends with the owner! #goals

Every inch of the property is covered with greenery, bright flowers and perfectly trimmed hedges. All of the guest spaces are bungalows and cottages with names instead of numbers, just like the homes in Carmel by the Sea! 

After grabbing a cocktail at the ADORABLE little bar inside the Stonehouse, we took a walk before dusk and took in the beautiful scenery. It felt like a glorious breakaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, as if I was back in the Italian countryside, with no set time to be anywhere or do anything. It was a great escape I highly recommend everyone take! 

Right at dusk we sat down for a delicious dinner in perhaps the most romantic setting I've seen yet! The twinkle lights in the treelined outdoor seating of the Stonehouse restaurant was incredibly warm and inviting, the staff even offered me a cashmere throw that was much appreciated! 

I can't remember exactly what I ordered, but I know everything was delicious regardless. Despite my love for food, I probably wouldn't have noticed a bad meal given the surroundings! Call me simple, but nothing is more romantic to me then twinkle lights in trees! It doesn't take much, but this place literally stole my heart! 

I just can't think of anything more romantic! 

I can't wait to go back, until next time lover!




Happy Valentine's Day! I have to admit, I do love a holiday that celebrates love. Whether it's with your family, friends, pets or #bae (yes I wrote bae, is that still a thing?) I think a holiday to remind ourselves about the love in our lives is such a great concept, perhaps something we shouldn't brand simply for couples! So whether's it's a romanic weekend with a special someone, a girls night on the town, or pizza and champs on the couch, let's keep it chic. Let's think of all the people we love, and the ones (furry ones included) who love us right back. Here's some inspiring images for the weekend of love! 

Love you all dearly, 




My favorite thing about Los Angeles would have to be the almost perfect climate. Second, would be the city's proximity to so many other absolutely beautiful places, like Carmel by the Sea, Santa Barbara, Ojai, Del Mar, Laguna Beach, Napa, and of course, Palm Springs! Palm Springs is a resort town in the desert, known for it's mid-century architecture, making it truly feel like a blast back to the 70's, straight out of Slim Aarons' poolside gossip! Here are some of the places I loved, enjoy! 

I went to Palm Springs with my mother and our hands down favorite place was the Parker Palm Springs! The uber 70's chic hotel just sums up everything I love about Palm Springs, starting with this amazing green marble at the mini bar, best captured by photographer Gray Malin's Five O'Clock print. Can we talk about this green marble? The bar is tucked into the wall of the hotel lobby, lined throughout by the green marble, making it a pale green cave with the most delectable of refreshments and the most flirtatious bartender to serve them! 

Of course The Parker has a little Pétanque court (the French version of Bocce), a tennis court and croquet court. How adorable is that? As predicted, the pool is darling too, more Gray Malin photography at the Parker here!

The best spot in the hotel, however, has to be this oh so adorable lemonade stand, that clearly serves more then just lemonade! It's definitely a treat for a hot day in sunny palm springs, cool aqua misters included! And the Parker's restaurant Norma's is the perfect brunch spot to hit up beforehand! Such a groovy vibe and yummy food!

My Mother and I went to Palm Springs for a little girls weekend getaway and stayed at the very lovely La Quinta Resort! I absolutely loved the place for a more laid back and super relaxing trip, it was just what a I needed after a crazy week in the city! How gorgeous are the colors here? 

You can literally spend your entire vacation at La Quinta as they have everything, including 41 pools total. And that's in addition to the private ones! The main two pools were nice but I personally loved the smaller ones near the spa, as pictured. I would completely recommend coming here and burying yourself in a book and margarita! All jokes aside, I truly believe some sun, a new story and comfort food can revive you!

The resort has five incredible golf courses with the most scenic views of the mountains! I don't play, but I do like driving the cart! Because La Quinta is about 30 minutes away from Palm Springs proper, I recommend planning to spend most of your time relaxing on the premises. And trust me, it's hard to leave!

One place my Mother and I found worth venturing from the pool was The Living Desert, aka Palm Springs' version of a Zoo, but really more like a small scale safari! I got the lovely opportunity to feed giraffes on my trip to Santa Barbara, and loved it, so naturally I was up for doing it again! Who else is as obsessed with giraffes as I am?

They are just the most magical creatures! I've even googled how they are birthed; TMI! Feeding them costs like $5 and makes for a great experience. The rest of the animals were cute too, but I really want a pet giraffe! Let's call them the supermodels of the animal kingdom, exotic, svelte and those eyelashes!

Because we ate mostly at hotels, we only ventured for one meal in downtown Palm Springs but one I highly recommend! Workshop Kitchen & Bar is modern and sophisticated with the most amazing atmosphere and my new favorite cocktail, the bee's knees! Some dinner recommendations are foie gras french toast, diver scallops, house-cured gravlax tartine and the duck fat fries! 

Another place my mom and l loved was the Colony Palms Hotel, a truly remarkable hidden gem in Palm Springs where one can really relax without a bother! It's small, cozy and luxurious; no wonder so many celebrities and jet setters flock and retreat here. The dinner was great at their Purple Palm Restaurant. We obsessed over the Brick Dough Truffle Ditalini & Cheese, Gnocchi and Black Cod. 

And with a pool like this, who can complain? My mother's highlight of the night (or actually our entire trip) was seeing Martyn Lawrence Bullard, an amazing interior decorator who frequently contributes to the lovely decor at The Colony Palms

Hope you enjoy a trip to Palm Springs as much a I did!




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So I had intended this "M" list to reflect on things to do/look forward to in January 2016, however, resolutions don't happen overnight, right? Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish this month, let's see how it goes!

1. Send my Valentine's ON TIME!

In fact, let's make that AHEAD of time. In this world of instagram, insta-text, insta-email, insta everything so quickly and so swiftly, the magic of the message is getting lost! That's why I absolutely adore snail mail, yet I'll admit they are far and few between. And for the few friends I have who still send cards and letters (including mom) Thank You! I will try to send my annual valentine, on time this year!!!!

2. Try new classes on ClassPass. 

I've been using ClassPass for about 5 months now and have fallen into a steady routine of frequenting the same handful of studios that I've come to love the most. While it's getting me to work out more, there are so many other places I have access to and haven't taken advantage of yet. My plan is to enlist some friends to get me out of my comfort zone! 

3. Make ramen at home. Well, at least attempt to make ramen at home. 

If you didn't already know, I am absolutely obsessed with ramen. I'm generally obsessed with most soups, particularly pho, matzo ball, tsukemen, udon, tomato, tortilla, but especially ramen! I am always craving it and have a it least 3-4 times a month. It's about time I least try and make it myself, and if all else fails, I still can go to my favorite Tsjuita nearby. 

4. Watch several more Oscar contender films. But only the ones I am actually interested in. 

So far I have seen Spotlight, and it was amazing. It's two hours long and when the ending credits started I stared blankly at the screen, sad there was no more! It's an amazing film and I highly recommend you see it. Other films I am hoping to see that are also likely to be nominated are The Martian, Concussion, Brooklyn, Joy, The Stanford Prison Experiment and Steve Jobs

5. Start planning a charity event for 2016. 

Last year I planned and hosted my very first philanthropic event and it was an amazing experience. It was stressful and challenging but I learned so much and it was all so worth it in the end. This year I am hoping to include more friends in helping and hopefully raise more money for a great cause. As I have said before, giving back is important and rewarding, an opportunity I encourage every young person to take early on!