Some special gifts for a special man in your life! I love monogrammed hotel robes and they will FOREVER be on my gift list, always. This Foreo luna cleansing system seems to be the male version of Clarisonic, promising a smooth exfoliate with no removable brush heads, wish they had a women's version! Well, my love for copper mug mules has extended to men's fashion with these adorable copper cufflinks - what a great way to remember your favorite cocktail (or your girlfriend's favorite cocktail). This Crosley turntable reminds me of my stay at the Goodland in Santa Barbara, as our room had one. I love bringing some vintage feels to the present, especially when they use updated technology! 

Hope you love it all!



If you know me, or follow me on social media, then you are fully aware of my obsession with the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel. So when a good friend wanted to stay for her 25th birthday, I knew it'd be a memorable staycation, and that it was! Enjoy. 

Birthday = champs and yes, The Beverly Hills Hotel has their own champagne label, rightfully pink and served with delicious chocolate covered strawberries. We decked the room with pretty pink flowers and put on our white robes stat before getting ready for a fun night out. 

The definition of luxury to me is a hotel robe and champs! We all spent the afternoon getting ready, catching up, like an adult slumber party. It was probably my favorite part of the night and I definitely need to make "girls night in" more of priority with my friends from now on!

After taking loads of pictures, primping and polishing off, we headed out to Malibu for a dinner and night on the town! These balloons are amazing by the way for any occasion, but especially birthdays, and make the best photos. And the Martinique wallpaper made famous by the BHH doesn't hurt as backdrop either! 

As pictured, the photos went on forever, and I just couldn't help but get some swinging shots of my fringe J.O.A. two piece ensemble I happened to score at the major Bloomies sale! 

I've always had a special love for retro diners and the Fountain Coffee Room is one of my absolute favorite places in Los Angeles to eat. As I've mentioned before, I love ordering a classic grilled cheese sandwich and chocolate milkshake at the 50's style counter. It's one of the best places to grab a coffee and some breakfast, but also the perfect Sunday night grub. And after a big night out, this latte was a latte appreciated!

The pool is perhaps one of the most infamous spots for seeing some downright glamorous swimwear and high profile people getting a luxe dose of vitamin D. It's got the sweetest cabanas and has a very old school Florida country club feel, just like the rest of the classic hotel. 

Some people dream of table service at a trendy nightclub, I'm dreaming of a banana leaf cabana with free flowing margs! If I ever celebrate here again, grabbing one will be a top priority!

The tables at the Cabana Cafe are a bit easier to come by and open to the general public. I've been to the Polo Lounge and Fountain Coffee Room many times but never wandered down to this prime pool viewing spot. It's a great place for lunch or breakfast and they even have a nice little outdoor bar set up for pool guests. Can you spot the little lemonade stand behind the gate? How adorable is that!

Is it summer yet? I guess you'd never need to know at The Beverly Hills Hotel. Do you see why I love this place so much? 




On my most recent visit to my hometown of Chicago, I discovered another favorite place. Let's just say the new RH flagship store has put the restoration right into a classic piece of Old Chicago. And the result is spectacular. Enjoy!
The building, positioned right in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood, was formally a club and home for creative women in the arts, known as the three arts club. The space became a historical landmark in 1981 and has since been purchased by the Restoration Hardware brand with the help of architect James Gillam
The most striking feature of the building is the gorgeous courtyard, now a fully functional atrium with a glass skylight roof. I still can't decide if its better at night or during the day, but just the illusion of sitting in an outdoor space all year round is a luxury, especially on a dreary day in Chicago's winter months! 
Did I mention they have added a wonderfully casual and chic restaurant inside the courtyard, rightfully named Three Arts Cafe?! And of course, to my delight, they have yummy grilled cheese with truffle oil on the menu! I just love when uber chic eateries validate my preference for childhood classics, and the fries w/aioli sauce were served in a mint julep cup! Do you see why I love this place so much? 
{ via 3 arts cafe }
How gorgeous is the space during the day? The light alone is a creative's dream. Can't wait to come back and grab a coffee with a girlfriend or eat another grilled cheese for brunch! I came at night with my family for dinner and since they don't take reservations we grabbed a drink first at the bar and explored some of the lovely furniture and decor. 
Isn't the bar glamorous?! I bet Gatsby would have a similar one installed just for Daisy. I want to come here every morning for coffee and right at five for a glass of rosé! But I'd also take this beautiful porthole bar (below) in a heartbeat, as well as everything else in this wonderful place!!!
Hope you can see it soon, happy weekend darling!

Xx, Monica


As much as I love the year round sunshine in Los Angeles, nothing is as pretty as the first white snowfall! Growing up in Chicago I took these snowy winters for granted, always enjoying the first sled ride and then praying for summer to come early. It's nice to come back and be amazed by how bright and pretty the snow can be; well at least until my flight back to La la land! Here are some snaps from my play time with our toy poodle Caillou, isn't he just darling? Enjoy!
Missing my little snow bunny already, 

Xx, Monica


One of my favorite little holidays is upon us, so let's get started early. First and foremost, flowers, a card and chocolate always go a long way! Anything more then that should be either one of two things: fun or romantic. Or from a Gisele Chic gift guide!

A men's guide is in the works too, coming soon! Enjoy!

Xx, Monica


Luxe Magazine hosted a wonderfully spectacular show house with all the very best interior designers at my favorite place in Los Angeles, Greystone Mansion. It makes me terribly sad to think all the wonderful rooms are dismantled after the show ends, but for now let's just focus on all my favorites! Enjoy!

I'm ready to move in!!!

Xx, Monica