Now back to the boys, a gift guide for all the great guys out there. Not to pick favorites, but how cool is this beer making kit? I don't even drink beer but the idea of making it in my kitchen like an at home science project just seems so cool! I love all the Larsson and Jennings watches, but the stripes seem to really stand out, along with a bold and clean blackface. Moscow mules are amongst my favorite cocktails and Williams Sonoma literally read my mind with this gift set

Call me old fashioned, but I just love a vintage looking item with modern utility, like this Gramophone speaker for music off your iPhone and the barbershop like shaving set. A leather bound agenda will never be replaced by a Google or Outlook calendar and if you're going to go with paper, you can't discount the lust worthy Smythson. Still waiting for my own, but don't worry, I have an awesome and more economically sound version I use here (with a monogram option of course) that I love too. 

Well, I haven't made it quite yet to the infamous Ralph's Coffee Shop (and Polo Bar) but it's definitely a top priority on my next trip to New York City. Until then this adorably packaged ground coffee will have to suffice and is sure to make a great gift for any caffeine junkie like myself! 

Happy Holiday Shopping, 


Xx, Monica

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