{ Summery Cocktails at Nobu Malibu }
Not sure if I love my birthday more because it's in the summer or if I love summer more because that's the season of my birthday. Regardless to say, I truly believe everyone needs to stop whatever they are doing that week and CELEBRATE! I'm lucky to have done just that. I wanted this year to be a simple as possible, as a lot of other things have happened this month of August. I made sure to take the full week off from work and keep it simple, simple like the ocean. 
{ Nobu Malibu }
I spent my actual birthday relaxing in the morning at a nice spa in West Hollywood, followed by a breathtaking late lunch at Nobu in Malibu with my main squeeze. It was beautiful and delicious, I highly recommend! 
{ Cocktail Wash Invites by Lapis Lazuli via Paperless Post }
I wanted a really simple celebration with friends, so I just invited everyone for sunset cocktails at the Blue Lounge at Moonshadows in Malibu. Knowing my love for summer whites, I asked everyone to dress the part! I've always wanted to host a white party, let's consider this one a trial run! 

{ Birthday Whites & Ocean Waves at Moonshadows }
It turned out to be exactly what I wanted. Everyone wore white, watched the sunset, drank some cocktails and ate some amazing marble cake from my favorite bakery SusieCakes. After the sun went down we headed to Hungry Cat for a seafood snack and continued the celebrations at ShoreBar. Simple as can be!
{ Birthday Presents }
 Birthdays aren't supposed to be about the presents but I can't help but feel soooo loved! It's nice to have a day for yourself and be rewarded simply for being born! As cliché as it sounds, the cards are really the best part, keeping all of mine in my new blue box. 
{ Cheese Plate & Champs Basket }
Well, my best friend Emma must know me pretty well, since she got me a really thoughtful and downright practical gift. I LOVE cheese plates and now I have little labels to describe each one! Creative gifts mean a lot and anything that includes a bottle of champs will make my day. I'm so grateful to have such amazing friends. 

Cheers to a wonderful summer birthday, 

Xx, Monica


{ Frilly Lilly in Santa Monica, CA }
Well summer is in full swing and I've been all over California, traveling from one relaxing weekend to the next! Despite my opportunities for some R&R this summer, I feel as if my to-do lists have been getting longer and longer lately. Isn't summer about relaxation, ice cream and white dresses? One big constant task on my list this summer was to try leg waxing, something I had always wanted to do for the practicality, umm, who wants to shave every day, especially while on vacation?! I'll admit, I was nervous about the waxing process but I knew I needed to just try it out and see for myself. Fortunately, I found the lovely Frilly Lilly right on Montana Avenue, one of my favorite streets in Los Angeles. Let's just say the name sounds just like the service; simple, sweet and swift! 
{ Frilly Lilly Hard Waxing }
Unlike most waxing services, Frilly Lilly uses hard wax, which is DRAMATICALLY, different from traditional waxing. It goes on warm (not hot) and kind of looks like a melted plastic when applied, hardens quickly on the skin, then peels off with the hair like a fruit roll up. When my esthetician peeled back the hardened wax it felt less painful then taking off a bandaid!
{ Frilly Lilly Hard Waxing }
The process was so simple and painless, no wax strips necessary! It left no residue and I honestly considered going to the candy shop afterwards since it reminded me so much of Airheads candy! I felt really comfortable after realizing the wax wasn't going to burn me or hurt when removed. It was also kind of fun to watch! Aside from pain, one of my biggest fears was leaving with sticky legs but the hard wax from Frilly Lilly contains rosin and beeswax, leaving absolutely no residue. 
{ Pebble Beach, California | Gisele Chic }
The leg wax lasted about 4-6 weeks, perfect for the summer season and indian summer we are likely to experience this Fall in Los Angeles. I was able to wear my summer white shorts (above) with no worries about razors or an extra ten minutes in the shower. It's a simple luxury for any dress loving lady like myself! 
{ Frilly Lilly Boutique in Santa Monica, CA }
Aside from just waxing services (including bikini, armpits, eyebrows, etc.) Frilly Lilly has a fabulous shabby chic boutique filled with beachy accessories and an array of jewelry ranging from delicate to statement. I couldn't help but drool over this lavender gem necklace (pictured below)!
{ Frilly Lilly Boutique in Santa Monica, CA }
One thing I really liked about the Frilly Lilly beauty boutique is they use their own products! I love the lavender body butter my esthetician used on my legs post wax. Turns out they have a whole line of products with that same sweet scent, as well as many more types like the Argentinian lemon. I can't resist a summery scented scrub (below) so I left with one myself! I plan to save it for a rainy day here in LA, when I need to be reminded of my favorite season!
{ Frilly Lilly Argentinian Lemon Sugar Scrub }

Cheers to summer legs for all seasons,

Thanks to Frilly Lilly!

Xx, Monica