{ The Midura Wedding }
Wedding season is officially in full swing! And fortunately, I was invited to one more lovely than I could have imagined. In her hometown of Napa, California, my dear friend Emma married her best friend in the presence of close family and friends, in the most dreamy outdoor setting possible. Hope you are as blown away by the subtle romance created here as I was, enjoy!
{ The Midura Wedding }
The ceremony was simple, sweet and scenic. Some dress inspiration below for anyone planning for a similar venue. I absolutely LOVE spring colors, especially wonderful for weddings as the bride should be the only one in white. My dress was cocktail length and a fun bright purple, however, I am obsessed with the long, peachy draped gown (#2 below). 
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The peach actually would have been perfectly aligned with the soft pink and demure gold tablescapes. The colors blended so beautifully with the wood and I was OBSESSED with the bright pink candles! They were so unobtrusively elegant and literally set the romance in the room along with the string of lights! It was so pretty, yet not overtly feminine, which is not a simple task!
{ The Midura Wedding }
{ The Midura Wedding }
Attending the wedding really changed my view of "rustic" style. Here are some decor items I think would be easy and fun to incorporate (below). I realize the pink pouf (#4) is not quite rustic, but I had to find something small to pop just like those simply irresistible candles that stole the show! And of course I found a wooden (#8) barcart; how perfect would this be for the backyard during summer, or a beach house/winter lodge? 
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The seating areas were furnished in Restoration Hardware and fit so well into the overall wedding reception venue. It was elegant and comfortable, just relaxed and chic, all at the same time! 
{ The Midura Wedding }
Just a beautiful wedding for the BEST couple. Happy Wedding Season!


Xx, Monica

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  1. The food and service at this place were spectacular. I was at an amazing event here recently. The event at Lincoln park wedding venues was outdoors along the water and against a beautiful sunset. As the party moved indoors, I was struck by the decor.