{ Staycation at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel }
Staycation all I ever needed! I had always heard the term "staycation" and chuckled at the frivolity, but to be honest, secretly wanted an excuse to indulge. I do live in Los Angeles, one of the most desirable cities after all. So when the opportunity arose to spend a night of fun with a group of girls I don't get to see often, I went for it. Lucky for me, my friends found a place just five minutes from home! 

The Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel is tucked away behind lots of lush greenery, right on the border of Brentwood and Bel-Air. The property is pretty well hidden, with only one small sign on the North side of Sunset Blvd, positioned right off the 405 freeway. The grounds are hilly, green and quiet, with a secluded pool area and a nice view of the Getty Center. 
Our plan for the staycation was to relax and celebrate the going away of my friend Jennifer, who is unfortunately moving away to Kansas with her hubby. We wanted to have more time then allotted at our standard monthly brunches and recreate the fun night we spent in Sacramento during graduate school. It was basically the equivalent of a girls sleepover, but with the wonderful addition of cocktails. 

The weather was perfectly sunny that Saterday afternoon when we checked in and so I headed straight for the pool, bikini clad and ready to order some poolside fries and margaritas! I felt so relaxed lounging by the pool, definitely a staple staycation amenity!
{ 1.Grease } { 2. Grapefruit Joia Soda } { 3. Veuve Cliquot } { 4. Mason Jar Drinks via Brit + Co } { 5. J. Crew Beach Tunic } { 6.  Venus Block Print String Bikini via Calypso St. Barth } { 7. Gap Stitched Fedora } { 8. Justine's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups } { 9. Extra Crispy Oven Baked French Fries via Layers of Happiness } { 10. Cheese Board via Joan's on Third } { 11. Williams-Sonoma Pop It And Top It! Cheddar Popcorn
Once everyone got their proper dose of vitamin D, we headed back to the room for some unhealthy snacks and beverages, my friend made us the cutest Mason jar drinks complete with handmade name tags! Since one of our friends is Vegan, we made sure to bring lots of yummy snacks, including a cheese plate (with a vegan option sold here) and the BEST vegan dark chocolate peanut butter cups my friend Melissa makes! But we made sure to make it back to the pool just in time for sunset and a little night swim! 
{ The Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel }
Our one night stay was just what we needed, a little sun, a little relaxation and lots of quality time with each other. I think since we were at a hotel and had the whole night we were truly able to relax without anyone playing host or worrying about driving far to get home. It was really refreshingly simple and I'm so glad we all went! Definitely would love to do it again sometime and would recommend going with your significant other, family or friends like I did. Here are some more spots in Los Angeles I find highly worth considering (below). 
{ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 }
Almost left out the BEST part about any stay, hotel robes & room service!!! #myheaven! 
Staycation, got to get away!!!


Xx, Monica

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