{Julianne Moore via The Hollywood Reporter}
Red carpet season is upon us! And to top off all the excitement, I'm sharing the top looks of the night! For starters, Julianne Moore (above) is stunning, youthful and fun in this incredible glimmering ombré gown. I LOVE feathers in fashion, but what makes this one so special is how understated they look just on the end. Often times they overpower an outfit, but Givenchy hit the nail right on the head. Beautiful!
{Emma Stone via US Magazine}
 Emma Stone (above) went sleek and sophisticated tonight with her amazingly smart suit. I LOVE the satin draped bow on the side, it is so perfectly proportioned for her height and the cut of the pants. This reminds me of Nicole Kidman's red bow Balenciaga moment in 2007, which apparently Miss Stone embodied a few years back, but anyway I think repeating good fashion is no coincidence and no problem. Otherwise every girl in America wouldn't have several sparkly dress versions hanging in their closets! 
{Jennifer Lopez via US Magazine}
 I have to admit, I went back and forth about endorsing this risqué look on Jennifer Lopez (above) but at the end of the evening I realized she simply looks so hot and haute in this embellished, skin tight gown. Call me conservative, but the cleavage is a bit much for me, however, I think the great use of fabric and outline of the bodice is quite tasteful. I really hope I can look half this sexy when I'm 45!
{Diane Kruger via US Magazine}
Despite the repetition of this standard old Hollywood glamour look on almost every starlet (and I suppose every dress wearing woman too) somebody's got to do it! And out of the many who did again tonight, Diane Kruger took the cake in my book! I just love the shape and pose she gives in this dress! It's the perfect example of the girl wearing the dress as compared to the reverse. It's breathtaking and classic! 
{Anna Kendrick via US Magazine}
 Anna Kendrick is one of my absolute favorite members of young Hollywood because of her poise, humor and sensibility. I wouldn't expect her to dress quite as feminine as she did here (above) but it's a nice change and I couldn't help but use the word "princess" to describe her in this perfectly tooled Monique Lhuillier design. So elegant and so sweet, love her!
{Sienna Miller via US Magazine}
 And the Golden Gown goes to... Sienna Miller (above)!! I could not help but drool over this perfect combination of EVERYTHING I like about red carpet fashion! The waistline, structure, deep neckline, embroidery and small hint of sparkle, I just can't think of anything better! I would even consider shortening it into a sweet little party dress for a night out on the town after! It's fits wonderfully for Sienna's petite frame, yet elongates her torso at the same time. Dream come true for small women like myself! Just right. 


xX, Monica