{Monica Gisele's Bar cart}
Pop, fizzle, clink: bar cart is complete! AFTER 3 YEARS, my dream of having a bar cart finally came to fruition! As I so clearly described in my first project post when I began Gisele Chic, it's just such a lovely idea, to have something in your home, reminding you to celebrate and be social, with friends & family. Hosting at it's finest! Despite my long road to boozy chic, I have laid out some options for creating your own, or if you already have one, adding some lovely details into the mix. Enjoy!
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When I first started researching a cart, most of the shops that carried them appeared way overpriced. However, in the last three years a lot of more options have appeared. Most of the one's I like are from Society Social, a wonderfully sweet brand of home decor, furniture and accessories that has created some of the most spot on, classic bar cart designs I have seen. Lots come in various colors and styles, sure to suit any room's needs.
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 Although my own cart and some of the options here I chose are sans wheels, despite the fact that I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to inspiring bar carts titled "Spirits on Wheels," it's the idea that counts. Lots of great shelving units can suffice and look ultra adorable. I have even seen some amazing bar carts made out of console tables, armoires and dressers. It's all in the details. And the booze. 
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Everyone has a favorite drink, mine happens to be a gin and tonic, so I always will have Tanqueray, tonic and limes. I always will always have champs too, of course. The alcohol used to make your favorite drink should be number one on the spirits purchase list and a constant resident of the cart. Everyone else's favorite (roommate, significant other, BFF, parents) should be there as well, which explains why my sister's Jack Honey is a top priority (despite the 2,000 mile distance). So many options, so little room, so choose wisely. It also helps to try and color coordinate. That's just my opinion :)
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Mixers, mixers, mixers, there can never be enough! One thing Pinterest has taught me is how many fabulous cocktails exist! So many to choose from, it's quite daunting! I tried to include some staples, sangria mix, ginger beer for Moscow mules, margarita mix, grenadine for Shirley Temples and rimming glasses with sugar, soda water, etc. Some of these choices were made based solely on looks. Bar carts, as I imagine them, are a display of all the favorites, best, and most eye catching aspects of an owners' entire bar stock. In simpler terms, if your beau loves bud light, keep it in the fridge. It will keep cool and encourage him to take up Scotch. 
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There are no rules for decorating a bar cart, but I thought I would throw in some cute additions. Mark and Graham has some of the most reasonably priced barware and takes the cake with it's monogramming service. How cute is a personalized decanter? Also makes a good present for a special someone. The best advice for any decorating project is keeping it collected. Do not buy everything in one place, however, starting at a shop like C. Wonder, West Elm and even Target is a good idea. Art work makes a great personalized touch, and I am an extreme fan of art prints on Esty, most of which that have fun/famous quotes and boozy colloquialisms. So many shops on Etsy sell them, some of my personal favorites are Pretty Chic and Amanda Catherine Designs, but there are so very many more from which to choose!
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And you thought coffee table books were just for coffee tables... not here! Turns out there are plenty of wonderful editions on the art of the Cocktail! Two of the books I have recommended (above) are from authors of other books I have, The Fashionable Cocktail and Vintage Cocktails, both wonderful. And the rest are ones I have heard great things about and are quite easy on the eyes!
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Put it all together and here we are!!! More inspiration (above). Enjoy!
{Monica Gisele's Bar cart} 
One last look, loves it!


Xx, Monica

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