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Why hello fall! Wish I could report that my cable knits, fur vests, and worn in boots were being properly featured for the season, HOWEVER, it's 100 degrees in Los Angeles and yes, I am complaining! Currently craving everything crisp, neutral and cozy. I can't even order a Pumpkin Spiced Latte! You know life is bad when you can't order a Pumpkin Spice Latte. 

Despite my lack of sweater weather woes, I am optimistic about everything else! Here are some more of my favorites, right here, right now!!

{Lauren Conrad's Beverly Hills Penthouse}
So this might be hard to believe, but I was never quite a fan of Lauren Conrad. Yes, of course I religiously watched her reality shows, and based most of my excitement about moving to LA as a young female adult on The Hills, but she always seemed overly relatable maybe, and not as exciting to watch as Kristin Cavallari or Olivia Palermo. 

But I have grown to like her esthetic, her wonderfully normal new husband/hush hush wedding (more wedding pics) and taste in southern California real estate (Orange County, Beverly Hills, and Brentwood). Her Beverly Hills Penthouse is adorably chic, I fell in love with her home office (pictured above) as well as her girly walk in closet and surprisingly masculine, art deco bar! (see pictures here), can't wait to see how the Brentwood home gets styled; before she purchased the property it was featured on the first episode of Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis. All in all, she has won me over!

{Gilmore Girls}
 When I saw this AMAZING piece of information on a sorority sister's Instagram, I just couldn't contain myself! I used to watch this show with my mother back when it was on once a week at the same time and if you weren't on your couch watching it then you were out of luck. How perfect for me to watch a show based on the fall weathered, east coast, small town where everyone wears various shades of brown, blue and plaid, and autumn leaves appear in every episode's intro. The show that makes me feel better about my obsession with hot coffee and greasy french fries. Let's just say I'd have no problem with wearing a navy blazer every day... did I choose to live on the wrong coast???
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Despite the hot temperatures in SoCal, I am still engaging in the start of the Holiday season, like these little pumpkins I decorated and figuring out a Halloween costume to top last year's and the year before. I just love apple cider, apples dipped in carmel and can't wait to watch Hocus Pocus about 7 1/2 times. I love all the sweet sides of October, the scary, not so much! Gone Girl was enough fearfulness for this month!

{ItsMonicaLA on Instagram}
Last and most important, I am super duper, extra excited to co-host the third annual #ChiGirlsinLA trip, when all of Emma (my BFF/roommate) and I's high school girlfriends from Chicago come and visit! I got excited just making an activities option list (yes I made one AND loved it). It will be hard to top last year's which included drinks by the beach, a tour of the Paramount studio lot, a hike past George Clooney's house, taking charge of a flip cup game/upside down twerking at a house party and a limo that took us from our blowouts at Drybar to a boozy picnic at Malibu Wines. 

Despite all the good fun, I just absolutely love my time with friends, especially the ones I have known since my first year of high school, the ones who have always had my back, despite the distance, the time and all the other reasons people fall out of friendship. I think each year I FALL more fond of them.

Xx, Monica

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