{Joan Rivers for Fashion Police}

"Life is very tough. If you don't laugh, its' tough."-Joan Rivers

I, like most people I think, always had mixed feelings about Joan Rivers. Of course I was an avid watcher of Fashion Police, not because of Joan, but because it was the only show of its kind. One devoted solely to celebrity style and high end fashion labels. My knowledge of Joan is limited to her role in that, however, I must say, the woman did speak some truth. Unfiltered, politically incorrect, harsh and sometimes down-right mean truth. Most comedians bank on this attribute, because after all, that is what comedy is right? Speaking the truth in ways that are almost too real, or make us nervous enough to want to release with laughter?

"I succeeded by saying what everyone else was thinking."-Joan Rivers

Joan touched on what most successful comedians do. She said what others thought but for so many reasons (most often manners/common sense) wouldn't say. Fashion is an art, but one so easily criticized because of its' dual role as an expression but also a basic utility. We need to wear clothing and yes we like to be in style, but sometimes that is the real challenge in itself. Part of me says, "Fashion policing makes it less fun, less enjoyable" and "women's looks should never be the bud of a joke." But I have to admit, she has on many occasions tapped into my exact thought, or perhaps critique of celebrity fashion sense. Sometimes you have to find humor with the over the top, self-indulged celebrities we get bombarded with and think "she did kind of look like a whale..."

"I think anyone who's perfectly happy isn't particularly funny."-Joan Rivers

Joan took no safety in craft, and let's be honest, at her level of success and following, she really didn't have to. I am not sure which show she was fired from for being too, well herself. But the fact that she stuck to her true self, the good, the bad, the unsellable, is quite admirable. 

"What are people going to do? Fire me? I've been out of work before. I don't care."-Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers embraced the extremes of her profession and life, on her face and out of her mouth. She really went all out, gave it everything she had, stood up for her beliefs and standards, and well she made it. This is Hollywood. And Joan Rivers, she made it. 

"It's a feast of famine in showbiz."-Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers, may you rest in the most fabulous peace, 



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