{Gracias Madre in West Hollywood}
One thing I absolutely love is dining al fresco. And that is why I love Los Angeles, because you can pretty much do this anytime of the year, without worrying about freezing to death or having the humidity snatch your appetite. And LA restaurants capitalize on this. Sure they have heat lamps, tents, and my favorite, blankets, but it's because people LOVE eating outside! And trust me, the ones who live here take it for granted. They "expect" the patio to be open all year round and the atrium to have ample seating and the umbrellas, blankets and lamps readily available. I will admit that, as well as my love for eating outside, but also feeling like I am in someone's backyard garden. This is well founded idea, I will use the Bungalow in Santa Monica as my solid proof. Adding to that, I like gardens with trees. It's LA, people have yards in the city and some of the best ones just happen to serve amazing food and drinks. The dinner/house party that never ends... here are some of my favorites!
{The Bungalow at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica}
If you live in LA, you know the Bungalow in Santa Monica. The cool place by the beach with the never ending lines outside. While I agree some things are worth the wait, my favorite time to come is before all the chaos, right after everyone is done with work at 5, just before sunset, when I can drink a margarita in white shorts. It's also my first choice for Sunday Funday and any other type of day-drinking activity. I was there for St. Pats, it was so fun.  
{Rivabella in West Hollywood}
I've come here a few times, for dinner and also for drinks before a night out in West Hollywood. It's as if a major Italian fashion designer wanted a quaint farmhouse in the countryside. It would be open and relaxed but also chic; ready to entertain the city folk who need an "escape" from the bustling city. But yeah it's located right on Sunset Boulevard, the beginning of the strip. This is LA, we all want respite from the city, but conveniently located down the street. This is Hollywood. 
{Laurel Hardware in West Hollywood}
Laurel Hardware is just an easy way to see all of Hollywood in one night. I have been here too many times to count and for good reason. It's the type of place you come for dinner and stay to drink and people watch. The lines outside after dinner are also insane! I like to see what all the fashionable young hollywood girls are wearing, just to make sure I still know what's cool. Yes I am 24 and love fashion, but I live in Brentwood. I brought my want-to-be hipster little sister here and she loved it, especially when she met a guy who did insurance commercials. It was like a big deal. The place makes me feel hip and it's also somewhere I feel super comfortable wearing my felt hat with a fur vest, leather pants and studded stilettos, all together. Oh and yes, the patio feels like a city townhouse's backyard. Love the lights in the trees!!!
{Soho House in West Hollywood}
If you know a member at Soho House, go. It's got the best views of Los Angeles and is beautiful. The trees are just the icing on the cake, love the lanterns in the trees, or really and kind of lighting in trees! 


Xx, Monica! 

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