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No this is not where Elle Woods vacations, but let's be honest, this movie does pink justice! Ever since seeing Moonrise Kingdom a few summer's back, I have been mesmerized by how well Wes Anderson incorporates color, style and humor into his straightforward and intimate film shots! I just can't help admiring how visually appealing the pink, red and purple shade combinations present on screen. 
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I am obsessed with the red lacquer backdrop. I think the easiest way to spice up a room is to use lacquer paint on a bookshelf or table. Red and pink is one of my absolute favorite color combinations and I am not just speaking on behalf of Valentine's Day! My sorority bedding was pink and red and I still kind of miss it! If I could get my hands on any of the props from the film it would definately be the fake book version of the story (below) but this adorably designed perfume bottle would also suffice. 
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Couldn't help myself... some cute items in the right shades (below). I know I can't get the fake book, but the Jane Austen clothbound classic is fairly close... Love these lavender studs -- and yes, they have a monogram! I found a wonderfully old school perfume bottle (comes in several tassel shades) for a great bargain too, on Esty. I have been wearing the Essie Cascade cool from time to time. It's fun but a little too pink for me... This Fendi bag looks great in any color, how perfect would this shade be all year round? Im a sucker for a bold print, and the colors on this Jonathan Adler pillow would fit in well as a modern accent. 
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More Red Lacquer Love!!!

xx, Monica!

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