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My guilty pleasure has been revealed; I am obsessed with the housewives franchise (and Bravo in general)! Whatever city, whatever drama, whatever dull story-line, I mean putting a gossip magazine in a travel bag, really? That's like an essential travel item...   All the housewives bring something great, but, I do favor some over others, all for different reasons, and these four gals just have great taste! Here are my style sets for Heather Dubrow, Adriana De Moura, Lisa Vanderpump and Sonja Tremont Morgan! Enjoy!
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Heather is classy and fabulous, just like Coco Chanel intended. She drinks Champs and for some reason I can't really fit her too far into the typical Orange County lady. If I really had to label her it would be WASP with some Southern Charm. She dresses very well, albeit safe. Love her and all the classic looks she embraces, for some reason I really like the dark blue hues on her. I would be shocked if she didn't have this Van Cleef and Arpels watch, drink Veuve and send perfectly prim snail mail. A Bottega Veneta clutch is so Heather, simple design, pristine attention to details. Cheers!
Adriana De Moura | 1| 2 | 3 | 45 | 6 | 7  
Adriana!! Everyone has got to love this girl, she just says it like it is! Hilarious, flamboyant and she wears bright, beachy colors. I think she represents Miami well, capturing all that exuberance in her style and personality. I have very similar agate coasters, but these Calypso ones take the cake with a wonderful gold trim. I think her house has lots of neutrals because it's filled with beautiful art and on a dock by the water, so I could see her having a really serene rug like this metallic Cowhide version. If you know me, you know I love orange and these Jimmy Choo heels would not only look amazing on Adriana but add such a perfect pop of color to any simple day outfit. I am thinking like boyfriend jeans and a nautical striped sweater and walla, instantly chic and simple. No need to explain the Edie Parker flamingo clutch, just couldn't leave that one out!
Lisa Vanderpump | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 8
Lisa Vanderpump is perhaps her own brand of luxury, but she is in the restaurant business and therefore has no extra time for a fashion line -- well at least not yet, ah! This amazing bauble bar statement necklace is affordable and extremely practical for anyone who appreciates just a glimpse of glamour, I have one that's very similar but has unfortunately seen better days (it managed to survive my college years)... I am fairly certain Lisa already owns this edgy pink Valentino Rockstud bag but I just couldn't resist throwing it into the mix here, it's so Lisa, pretty in pink but sharp as a nail! I could just imagine her loving to open the adorable Calypso candle from this super cute bow wrapped box. Antique mirrored furniture screams old Hollywood and well no connotations there ;)
Sonja Tremont Morgan 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
Last but certainly not least is sexy New York socialite Sonja Tremont Morgan, the burlesque obsessed, upper east side fire-pistol who just seems to go with flow, to her own jazzy rhythm of course. That's probably why I thought these (or really any) gloves would be so fitting, hot pink of course to add a bit of fun to sometimes dreary and dark New York and the option to monogram is a bonus, STAM anyone? Sonja and all other east coasters, hell west coasters too, could all use a good fur throw on their couch, I use mine at my desk, even in 80 degree weather! This cute little orange bag (here we go again) is the perfect size for whatever you really need, with the exception of a giant planner, brush and the essential pouch I keep around at all times (details coming soon). Sonja's style is sophisticated, sexy and smart. I must say I admire her whole housewife character, just not her taste in men... 

That being said, 


xx, Monica

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