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I must admit, before this fabulous nail salon opened, I was certain the space would be a wonderfully new and trendy French eatery in Brentwood... When Côte debuted as a beachy nail salon and shop, I was pleasantly surprised! Although I pride myself on getting $20 mani/pedi's every two weeks down the street, I will say, this place might be a game-changer. Yes, we have seen some other luxury nail salons around Los Angeles, but this one stands out! The whole look is so incredibly summery, like summer in the Hamptons! 

First off, this salon is a shop too! With tons of beach house products and cute trinkets that would made for great gifts. 

Second, they use their own nail polish line, which is five-free, meaning free of the five main toxins found in most nail polishes. It's also considered a vegan product by the FDA! Below are some of my favorites! 

Most importantly, I felt as if I was in the Hamptons, sipping on Lemonade and Rosé in an open patio with all the wonderfully natural sunlight! To top it off, I was able to catch up some Vogue on a super convenient iPad propped up perfectly next to me. 
At the end my wonderful technician gave me a little notecard with the polish she used, how thoughtful! I will definitely be coming back, especially for that luxxe pedicure just screaming Monica we neeeeeeed this!!! 

Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend, 

xx, Monica 


  1. This is so lovely. Have to go there next time I visit. -Jess

    1. Jessica, yes you must! It's absolutely wonderful! Can't wait to go again! Cheers, xx

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