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Of all my new years resolutions each year, this one remains the same: be organized, be happy. It sounds so simple yet I have come to realize, at the age of 24, that keeping your life organized is an ongoing, constant process which, at least for me, seems to hit a few roadblocks every once in a while. For example, working late at the office, filing taxes, or god forbid a week with a heavy social calendar! Mt absolute worst nightmare is the possibility of coming home, walking into my room, and not knowing where something is! My college roommates can certainly attest to this tragic, fish out of water Monica I can become, as they played a prank on me involving rearranging some books, frames, and even small desk items in a my perfectly neat, set in stone room. Yes, this was the college prank I experienced. Lame, I know. It really threw me off my game. Stay organized, stay pretty. 

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Everyone needs a planner, may I repeat: EVERYONE needs a planner. Whether it's cute, well that is up to you. Mine is red leather (above) and keeps my work life moving along. At some point I will have to step it up a notch and the Smythson, Soho Diary (below) is one hell of a contender. As I always say, next year. As a big proponent of trays, I really don't think I need to explain myself here. The gold tray was a Chrismukkah gift from my little sister and it makes a world of difference on my desk!!! Think of it this way, you could have a pile of "to go through stuff" laying all over your desk, or a pretty/mobile tray to keep all the extras in one place. The monogram is just a plus.

Happy Organizing!