Herringbone Interior - P 2014
{Herringbone at the Mondrian Hotel}
Hotspot alert! Herringbone has moved up the coast and right into Hollywood on the flashy sunset strip. I visited the La Jolla location while visiting the beautiful beach town with my family this Christmas and LOVED the vibe (see more below). So of course when I heard it was taking over the space where Asia de Cuba was at the Mondrian Hotel I knew I had to see it myself. As a venue the space is prime sunset real estate with unparalleled views of Los Angeles and a bar, adjacent to the restaurant patio with an open floor plan. 
{1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7{Herringbone West Hollywood}
The deck becomes SkyBar at night and has a pool, cabanas and a private bungalow bar. I have ventured before, however, wasn't a fan of the crowd. 
Skybar_Nighttime-Pool.jpg 1,348×899 pixels
{Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel}
Unfortunately my girlfriends and I still were not too pleased with the scene this time, almost a year later but Herringbone was delicious. My favorite cocktail was the Peter Rabbit but I am also a fan of the Snake in the Grass. The menu is pretty fish heavy but we had the mushroom flatbread and it was great! 

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The outside seating is really the best simply because of the view and lush greenery outside. I did not peak inside too much since I always prefer outside dining when given the option; this is SoCal after all.

The Herringbone in La Jolla (below) is inside but was made too feel like someones' awesome beach house patio. It is kind of like the same vibe as The Bungalow in Santa Monica, with the tents of course. I love the trees and the outdoor furniture, it really keeps the vibe cool and relaxed, just like California should be!
{Herringbone La Jolla}
{1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6{Herringbone La Jolla}
Some elements remained the same in both locations like the use of wood, robe strung lighting and these adorable turquoise blue glasses. I love that he kept these things consistent in the new space because it gave some boho charm to the space to balance all the glam white lacquer and super modern white furniture that used to overpower Asia de Cuba. Hopefully some of the simplicity rubs off on the crowd too. Happy Weekend!

xx, Monica

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