{Amy Adams at the Golden Globes}
Its that time of year again! When women, and men, watch Hollywood's finest strut their designer chops down the red carpet. Award season is like the Superbowl for fashion with it's nationwide media coverage and its long running clips, photos and red carpet faux pas in magazines and on fashion police. To be honest the red carpet is not too fashion forward, as risks are all too scrutinized; looking forward to Fashion Week 2014! But it is enough to catch my attention, here are my top picks so far; Amy Adams, you knocked it out of the park. Enjoy!
{Cate Blanchett at the SAG Awards}
 Many attempt the "old Hollywood glamour" look; but only few truly do it right. I like that Cate Blanchett accomplished this in a more modern way. Usually pink sparkle and blonde hair equates to something much different, but Cate kept it simple. Love it!
{Sandra Bullock at the SAG Awards}
I can already hear some of the outer space jokes... but I LOVE THIS COLOR! At first glance I will admit, I wasn't a fan of the cut; it seemed to be missing something, but after staring for a few minutes it became a top contender. Just something about it screams super galactic chic... I did go to space camp as a child...oh dear!
{Lena Headey at the SAG Awards} {Lupita Nyong'o at the Golden Globes}
Stripes are a little causal for a red carpet [left], but the fabric is luxe enough to suffice and the bow is just too adorable to ignore! The cut and print just really work on Lena Headey, but I just don't think I would want to accept an award in this....I think it would need to be a bit more "wow." Lupita Nyong'o  is wearing red better then the carpet; let's just say Ralph Lauren knows his cuts. Not everyone can wear a cape so well! 
{Cailtlin FitzGerald at the Golden Globes} {Sarah Hyland at the SAG Awards}
I have never been a fan of the high-low dress but as Caitlin FitzGerald points out [left] some structure and a properly tailored hemline can pull it all together. Both dresses have such great shape and moved so well. I'm excited now for Spring!  
{Kerry Washington at the Golden Globes} {Amber Heard at the Golden Globes}
Both looks (pictured above) were very lovely, clean and easy. I get that being pregnant makes for some challenges on the red carpet so Kerry Washington got a pass. The side cuts in her Balenciaga gown was strategic and extremely flattering for her baby bump. Amber Heard's dress was classic and just enough "sexy" with a high, but what I would consider fairly tasteful, slit. The beautiful navy really made this all come together so nicely, that and of course her perfectly toned legs! Gotta hit gym, until next time! 

xx, Monica!

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